Payment Methods

For payment methods, you can use "credit card", "cash on delivery", "GMO payment after delivery", "amazon pay", "PayPay", and "PayPal".
However, once an order has been confirmed, it is not possible to change the order method.

Paying by credit card

We accept VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club cards.
Choose between single, split, and revolving payment options.
*Depending on your card contract or type of card, split payments may not be available.
*Payment withdrawals depend on the credit card’s user contract. Please check with your credit card company for details.

(About using credit cards with debit functions and prepaid cards issued by credit card companies)
If you use one of these cards to make a purchase, the amount will be deducted from your account after your order and card have been confirmed.
Due to the nature of these cards, you may temporarily be charged twice. In addition, refunds for cancellations or returns may take time to process, so please refrain from using such cards.

Cash on delivery

When you receive the item, please pay for the order in cash to the shipping service (Sagawa Express).
*Credit cards cannot be used to pay.
* If a single order exceeds 300,000 yen, cash on delivery cannot be used.
*The delivery fee for cash on delivery is 330 yen (tax included).

GMO deferred payment

The GMO deferred payment option allows customers to pay for their items after they have been delivered. After the items are shipped, a bank transfer slip will be sent to you separately, so please pay at a nearby convenience store, bank, or via LINE Pay. 
*Customers are responsible for the bank transfer fee. In addition, the transfer account number is different for each transaction, so please check the account number stated on the invoice.

Please pay by the deadline, which is 14 days after the invoice is issued. The payment deadline is also stated on the invoice.

Deferred payment fee 330 yen (tax included)

● Notes
・There is a screening to use this service. Depending on the screening results, you may not be able to use "GMO deferred payment.” In this case, please change to another payment method.
・"GMO deferred payment" is a service provided by GMO Payment Service Inc. We provide personal information to GMO Payment Service Inc. within the scope of the service and give them the right to collect payments.
・The purchase limit when using GMO deferred payment is 55,000 yen (tax included).
・Deferred payment is not available for orders being sent to and stored at a shipping service’s warehouse, or to temporary residences such as schools, hospitals, or hotels. Product transfer services can also not be used.
*If the delivery address is your work address, you can use this option. Please write "work address" after your address.
*This service can be used if the item is being sent as a gift to a temporary residence.

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Amazon Pay

This service lets you make payments using the address and credit card information registered on your Amazon account.
HRM members can also use this option as a payment method.
To place an order without registering as a member, choose the Amazon Pay option on the login screen and proceed with payment processing.

● Note
*To use HRM member services (points, etc.), you need to log in with your HRM member information.
*If you log in with your Amazon account, you cannot select any payment method other than Amazon Pay.
*Amazon points will not be accrued.
*You cannot change the shipping address or payment method after placing an order with your Amazon account.

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It is a service that allows you to register a bank account, credit card, etc. using the PayPay app and make payments with a single smartphone.
Select PayPay from the payment screen and proceed to the payment procedure.
At the time of payment, the PayPay app will be activated temporarily, and when payment is completed, you will automatically be taken to the order completion page of ONLINE SHOP.
Click here for usage guide
* From the payment completion screen of the PayPay app, you will automatically be taken to the order completion page in about 3 seconds, so please wait as it is.
* Please note that if you leave the screen in the middle, the transaction settlement will not be completed.

● Caution
* Please note that some cancellations cannot be made when using PayPay payment.
* About provisional subtraction
Temporary subtraction will be made at the time of purchase, and final payment will be made at the time of product shipment.
Your balance, including pre-order sales, will be deducted at the time of payment acceptance and will be blocked until payment is confirmed or canceled.
The block is valid for up to 90 days.
* The history from payment acceptance to completion is displayed in the transaction history of the PayPay app.

Click here for details


PayPal is a payment service used all over the world.
If you register with PayPal, you can make a payment without entering your credit card information at the time of payment, so you can make a safe and easy payment.
For more PayPal information here You can check from
For inquiries regarding PayPal, please contact: here please use.
A PayPal account is required to pay with PayPal when placing an order.
If you choose PayPal as your payment method, you will need to approve it on the PayPal site.

* If your PayPal account balance is insufficient, you may need to re-approve on the PayPal site.
* When making a payment with a bank account of 100,000 yen or more through PayPal, it is necessary to verify your identity with PayPal in advance.
About the confirmation method of identity verification Paypal Identity Verification Procedure Please refer to the.
* PayPal payment is also available for guest purchases.


●Credit card/amazonpay/PayPay/PayPal
Only members can download from the purchase history of "My Page" after the product shipping process is completed.
*For the address, the name and proviso at the time of ordering will be left blank.
*If you wish to change the address or proviso on the receipt, please contact us separately.
●Cash on delivery
A receipt will be issued by Sagawa Express when the product is delivered.
If you wish to receive a separate receipt from us, it is premised on exchanging it for a receipt issued by Sagawa Express.
After receiving the product, please send the receipt issued by Sagawa Express and a self-addressed envelope to our company.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but you will be responsible for the return postage.
Upon confirmation of arrival, we will issue a receipt with the requested address and mail it to you.

● GMO payment after delivery

Please use the "transfer slip" at a convenience store, post office, or bank as a receipt.
If you wish to receive a separate receipt from us, it must be exchanged for the above receipt.
After receiving the product, please mail the above receipt and return envelope to us.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but you will be responsible for the return postage.
Upon confirmation of arrival, we will issue a receipt with the requested address and mail it to you.