About Orders

Shipping charges

550 yen nationwide (tax included)
* If the total amount of the ordered products is 10,000 yen (including tax) or more, the shipping fee is free.
* Pre-order items, made-to-made-to-order items, customized items, and back-ordered items are billed separately, so a shipping fee is required for each payment. If the total amount for each payment is 10,000 yen (including tax) or more, the shipping fee will be free.

Credit card processing fees

There is no processing fee for using a credit card.

Cash on delivery fee

Cash-on-delivery fee will be uniformly 330 yen (tax included).
*Pre-order items and ordered items will be charged separately and shipped separately, so a cash-on-delivery fee will be required for each delivery.
*Cash on delivery payment is not available for made-to-made-to-order items and custom products.

How to confirm your order

After placing an order, an “Order Confirmation Email” will be sent to your registered email address.
You can also view details for previous orders via the “Order History” section in “My Page.” 
Order History

Addition / change of order

We cannot accept additions or changes to the confirmed order details.
Shipping and handling charges will apply for each order.
Please cancel your order or consider a new order upon request.

Cancelling an order

Only members can cancel only orders with a 20% post-order processing status from "My Page".
*Since the above cancellation is processed from "My Page", it cannot be used by non-members and non-login status.
In addition, please understand that the canceled product may be ordered by another customer.
However, even if you are a member, you cannot cancel reserved products, made-to-made-to-order items, custom products, and backordered products for your convenience.

*You cannot cancel only one item in your order. In that case, please cancel the order itself and place a new order only for the desired product.

Gift wrapping

We offer free wrapping using gauze fabric.
It is possible to bundle multiple products together according to your request.
However, it may not be possible to wrap products with large sizes.
In that case, please note that we will contact you.
Also, please note that the packaging seal is only "Thank you".

About reserved products, made-to-made-to-order items, and custom products

SEILIN ONLINE SHOP may handle reserved products, made-to-made-to-order items, and custom products.
Please note that these products cannot be canceled or returned after the order has been placed.

The customer's circumstances are as follows.
The image of the product is different, the size does not fit, the wrong order, etc.

In addition, even if the delivered product is defective, we may not be able to exchange it due to the stock status of the product, so please be forewarned.

There are restrictions on payment methods depending on the content of the order.

Back-order products

At SEILIN ONLINE SHOP, you can order products by order.

If the product inventory that can be ordered is in the directly managed store or our warehouse, you can place an order.
Please note that some products cannot be ordered even if they are in stock at our directly managed store or our warehouse.
Please note that incense is burned at our directly managed stores, and some products may have odors, especially if they are displayed in stores.

For backordered orders, the arrival date of the item is uncertain, so there is only one item per order.
Please note that it cannot be bundled with other products.
If you would like to order multiple items, please place an order for each item.

If the ordered item is not received, it will be canceled and we will notify you by e-mail of the order cancellation.
Please note that if the item is restocked after the order is canceled, it may be sold normally.

Please note that orders cannot be canceled due to customer's convenience.

The customer's convenience is as follows.
The image of the product is different, the size does not match, the order is wrong, etc.