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Please be sure to update your information if there are any changes so that you can continue to receive emails concerning our physical shops, SEILIN ONLINE SHOP, your registered member information, and important announcements from SEILIN & Co. properly.

If you don’t receive our emails

If you don’t receive our emails, please check the following settings.
・Inbox spam filter settings
・Receivable domain settings (hrm.co.jp and hrm-eshop.com)

How to stop receiving newsletter emails

How to stop receiving newsletter emails

If you would like to stop receiving newsletter emails, you can complete the process from the “Personal Info” screen on the My Page after logging in.

■ To stop receiving emails
1. Log in and click on "My Page."
2. Complete the process to stop emails on the "Personal Info" screen.
3. You will stop receiving emails from the next day after you complete this process.