Size guide

SEILIN ONLINE SHOP’s size guide uses a unique measuring method.
More about our measuring method
*Depending on the product, an error margin of 1-2 cm may occur.
*Even if the size is the same, sizing will differ by item and brand, so please check the product page for size details.

About product handling

When the ordered product arrives, please be sure to check the "Handling Precautions" and "Washing Instructions" written on the attached tag before using the product. Click here for washing instructions.


If you purchase a product that includes a warranty, we will send the warranty with the item.
The delivery slip will be proof of the seller and date of purchase.
Please keep it in a safe place during the warranty period.


Some products can be repaired even without a warranty.
If you contact us, we will inform you about the return method and the coverage period.
Depending on the condition of the product, you may be charged for the repairs.

SEILIN & Co. repair services for members cannot be handled through postal mail.
Please bring the item you want repaired directly to one of our physical stores.
Other notes regarding repairs are as follows.

・Please bring the jeans you want repaired directly to one of our physical stores. We do not accept postal deliveries.
The mending service at SEILIN & Co. will repair jeans to the best of their abilities. As such, there might be situations when an item can’t be mended as desired. In addition, if it is determined that a pair of jeans is too damaged, a request for mending may be refused.
・Fasteners (zippers, buttons, etc.) cannot be replaced with the mending service.
・To avoid mending complications, please wash the item before you bring it in for mending. Unwashed items may be refused.
・It may take up to 3 months to finish mending the item.
・The person mending your item may contact you regarding the mending process.

Hemming of in-store purchases

The SEILIN ONLINE SHOP cannot handle inquiries about items purchased in store.
Please contact the store where you purchased the product directly.

Hemming of items purchased on the SEILIN ONLINE SHOP

Hemline alterations for most items can be done for free. However, please note that shipping both ways will be covered by the customer.
We cannot accept returns or exchanges for products that have been hemmed.
In order to prevent any misunderstandings, please check the color, size, etc. of the item after it is delivered before requesting any alterations.
*See the figure below on how to measure the inseam length.
*Please note that we allow a difference of ±1 cm between the desired finished dimensions and the actual finished dimensions of the product.

The request process is as follows.
1. Please fill in the following information on the inquiry form and send it. (This information is required, so be careful not to leave any fields blank.)
・Order number
・Full name
・Phone number
・Email address
・Postal code and address
・Product name
・The desired inseam length (finished dimensions in cm)
2. The person mending your item will send you a confirmation email.
3. After receiving the confirmation email, please send the product via prepaid postage.