Helpful Features

My Page

The "My Page" section is an exclusive section for customers who are registered members of the SEILIN ONLINE SHOP.

In order to help customers use the SEILIN ONLINE SHOP more smoothly, the My Page consolidates customers’ information and shop services, such as the Favorites function, all into one place. 

From the “My Page,” you can perform a number of processes, including editing your registered member information.

Just enter your email address and password on the login form to gain immediate access to the My Page section.
Membership registration is required to use this convenient "My Page." Registration is free, so please become a member.
Users can view their order history for all orders placed since October 2011. Please note that orders placed before October 2011 can't be displayed.


The “Favorites” feature on the SEILIN ONLINE SHOP lets you save products you like or are interested in.

In-stock notices

The “in-stock notice” sends you an email when a product is restocked.
Click the “in-stock notice” option on the desired item to register it.
You can check which items you’ve registered via the “in-stock notice” section of the My Page.
*This service does not guarantee an item’s availability. 
*Please note that some items may not be restocked. (In such cases, the registered product data will also be deleted.)