Almost 40 years after the birth of original denim jeans,
Introducing simple jeans with a particular silhouette.

We have valued American standard clothing very much.
One of the most sought after products is denim.

With reference to vintage denim in the first half of the 1980s,
Original jeans made with a strong commitment from fabric to sewing were born,
Until now, we have introduced various models to the world while making improvements.


Ripped off the design such as "back pocket stitch" that was in the conventional model,
These "simple" jeans have a beautiful silhouette and are comfortable to wear.

For all models,
Made for this new jeans
Original bandana is included.

Slim-fit jeans with a back pocket without stitch, a slender waistband, and fine stitch work that makes you feel some elegance while being simple.
Fabric, 13.5-ounce organic cotton has been blended "Orgabits (Ogabittsu)" Selvedge use the denim. By reducing the number of weft threads and weaving, we have achieved a “vintage denim-like texture” and “stress-free wearing comfort” due to the natural expansion and contraction of the fabric despite being 100% cotton. Available in two types: one-wash and washed.

12.5 oz Selvedge denim woven on an old power loom using rice and Arizona cotton with a dry touch.
vintage It features texture with a unique unevenness like denim, and it is a model that you can enjoy more discoloration due to aging. The silhouette is a basic straight silhouette with a little tapered below the knees, while having a moderate amount of space on the hips and thighs. The front part is a button fly specification. Available in two types: one-wash and washed.

Relaxed fit jeans with a deep rise and plenty of space from the hips to the thighs.
It is tapered hem and features a trouser-like silhouette. We use a fabric that has the atmosphere of denim that was distributed in the 90's and is finished with a firm and firm texture using weakly strong twisted yarn. The Points is the navy leather patch. Available in 3 types: one wash, washed, and black.