TRI MOUNTAIN Dakota System Jacket #7800

Introducing the 3-way jacket from TRI MOUNTAIN.

TRI MOUNTAIN was established in 1993. Recognized as a company specializing in corporate uniforms and work clothes, we have a track record of being selected as one of the top 20 companies in the industry in 2000. We sell high quality and reasonable clothing to companies in various genres.

Wind and water resistant polyurethane coated Toughlan nylon shell jacket with a triple layer coating of nylon, polyurethane and nylon.

The inner jacket is made of a Material that is resistant to pilling. It has a 3-way design that allows you to layer an inner jacket and an outer jacket in the middle of winter, and use each as an outer layer in early autumn and early spring.


Introducing new items from CHURCH BARBER.

"CHURCH BARBER" is a barber shop that opened on Octavia Street in San Francisco in 2015. In addition to original souvenir items, we also sell original organic pomades and sunscreens.

A 100% nylon baseball cap with an attractive simplicity.

From the Golden Gate Bridge and the peace mark icon, you can feel their character of valuing nature and the city.

HAYES is the name of the area where their shop is located, "HAYES VALLEY".

The nice Points is that it has a back strap and can be adjusted with an adjuster.

BIG MAC TRI-YARNS work shirt

Introducing the checkered shirt using thick heavy flannel fabric, which is one of BIG MAC's representative items.

BIG MAC was born as a store brand for USA department stores in the 1920s. It produced high-quality denim, flannel shirt, and other work wear, and gained a lot of support from workers.

The silhouette has shoulder and body width, and the length is a neat box silhouette.

The front pocket with a flap and the three-needle stitching make it Points as a work brand.

It is an item that can be worn in a modern style while retaining the BIG MAC.

NUTMEG YALE Line Logo Crew sweat fabric

NUTMEG crew sweat fabric have arrived.
NUTMEG MILLS was founded by brothers Marty and Dick Jacob from Massachusetts after selling pennants at a New Haven/Yale University football game in Connecticut.

The origin of NUTMEG is named from the nickname of Connecticut.

At the beginning of its founding, it mainly sold college uniforms, and by the late 1980s, it signed licensing agreements with NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and NASCAR, and sold T-shirts and sweatshirt with various designs.

From 2022FW, we will release new items based on the archives of the 1980s and 1990s that incorporate the design sources of modern sports culture.

Also available in classic jogger pants.


Introducing the NEW BALANCE M2002RM Mule.

The popular LIFE STYLE model "M2002R" has been arranged into a mule style that casually decorates your feet.

Inspired by the USA-made MR2002 that debuted in 2010, the high-performance sole equipped with N ERGY and ABZORB remains unchanged.

Finished in synthetic suede/synthetic nubuck/mesh.

HIGH!STANDARD Embroidered 14oz Series

HIGH!STANDARD introduces the MADE IN LA sweat fabric series made in USA.

The sleeves are casually embroidered with the acronym "S" for STANDARD.

A pullover Points with a large hood and thick strings and eyelets. The classic style is attractive regardless of gender.
[Wearing STAFF; L size]

This is a basic crew neck type. The solid and thick neck rib is a casual Points.
[Wearing STAFF; L size]

Points sweatpants gathers at the waist and hem. Moderate volume and feeling of falling are attractive.
[Wearing STAFF; M size]

The 14 ounces of thick, brushed back heavy sweat fabric Material creates a unique USA feel.

THOUSAND MILE coach jacket two piece set

Introducing the new two piece set item from THOUSAND MILE.
Founded in 1992, THOUSAND MILE is an outdoor brand based in San Diego, California. We propose functional wear that combines durability and comfort while expressing stylishness.

A 3-piece set consisting of a thin coach jacket, tucked pants, and a sacoche made of stretch, quick-drying Material.

It is a simple and easy-to-match design that can be used not only as a two piece set-up, but also as a single item.

It can be carried around in the attached sacoche, so it is also recommended as a second wear while traveling.

CLARKS Desert Trek GTX

Introducing CLARKS "Desert Trek GTX".

First released in the 1970s, the Desert Trek is a lace-up shoe featuring a center seam, one of Clarks' iconic shoes.

A hybrid design that combines Trek's commitment and technology with a Vibram sole that has excellent durability and anti-slip properties for Desert Trek, GORE-TEX on the upper, and a Trekman heel emblem that uses reflective material.

Keeps the inside of your shoes dry and comfortable even on damp and rainy days. We recommend using a water-repellent spray on the upper.

THE FOX Cardigans & horizontal stripe sweat fabric

New autumn/winter items have arrived from THE FOX. THE FOX Penneys is an original brand derived from JC.Penney in the 1980s. The lineup features colorful items such as knitwear, polo shirts, and shirts with the adorable FOX logo as an icon.

The popular FOX Cardigans is now available in new colors.

Reproduce the unevenness of the surface by using 12-gauge acrylic thread and cotton sheeting knitting on the back.

By applying shaggy processing to the product, the surface has piles to express the texture of the vintage.

A thin horizontal stripe sweat fabric with an attractive color scheme.

The casual high neck is the Points.

INFIELDER DESIGN MLB Tote & reusable shopping bag

Introducing INFIELDER DESIGN's MLB-themed bag.
This is a tote bag featuring an embroidered emblem in MLB team colors.

It has a sturdy gusset and is attractive in its size that can hold a lot of luggage.

An reusable shopping bag featuring a checkered flag pattern in MLB team colors and a large emblem mark.

It has a packable pouch inside and a carabiner for easy carrying.


"INOV-8" Recolite 190 UNI shoes are in stock.

INOV-8 (Inov-8), which was born in the United Kingdom in 2003, produces high-performance shoes for off-road use that are lightweight and have outstanding grip.

Originally developed as relaxing sandals for before and after lace, these shoes.

With a wide design that gives a feeling of comfort, the quick shoelace structure makes it difficult to take off, and pursues ease of putting on and taking off.

Reinforcing members on the toes and sides play a role in protecting the foot from rocks and stones.

Roberta's Pizza T-shirt

Introducing the souvenir T-shirt from "ROBERTA'S PIZZA".
ROBERTA'S PIZZA is a restaurant that mainly serves pizza based in NEW YORK, which was founded in 2007, and also has stores in CHICAGO, HOUSTON, etc.

We make many souvenir items such as original T-shirts, caps and bags.

There are many artists in NY, and the graphic of the T-shirts is drawn by my friend and the artist of the customer.

The attractive print is inspired by humorous motifs.

In Japan, it is only available at Seilin & Co.

NEW BALANCE M2002R D shoes

NEW BALANCE M2002R is in stock.
The "2002R" features an upper design inspired by the Made in USA flagship model "2002" and a high-spec sole with high impact absorption and resilience.

Nubuck leather and W Russell mesh panel are used for the upper.

A high-spec combination with ABZORB on the forefoot and Nergy sole cushion on the heel.

"2002R" made in Asia and reprinted.


Introducing the COOPERSTOWN BALL CAP and HIGH! STANDARD collaboration ball cap, which was born in 1986 at a small factory on a hill near Cooperstown, New York.

With a firm and firm but soft 100% cotton body and a coreless visor, it is a cap that can be naturally dropped into various styles.

Embroidery is available in "NY" and "SF".

The adjuster uses a nostalgic snapback. The word "MADE IN USA" on the back is also an indispensable Points.

Not only the quality of the product, but also the fit and beauty when worn.
Over time, it will become familiar with the shape of your head, and when you use it, it will taste like a vintage pro cap.


Umbrellas using the light and durable "CORDURA fabric" that will be indispensable for the coming season have arrived from AMVEL.
Amber is an umbrella startup company that was founded in 2016 with the philosophy of "continuing to create value that makes people's lives richer and more comfortable."
The water-repellent treated umbrella that uses a light-shielding fabric made in Japan with a light-shielding rate of 99.99% or more is equipped with specifications with a UV cut rate of 99.9% or more and a heat-shielding rate of 40%. We propose folding umbrellas that meet various needs with the motto of umbrellas that do not feel like luggage.

This is a hand-opening long umbrella type.

A hand-opened umbrella with a 14mm thick shaft, it has a durable structure that can withstand wind speeds of 14m / s.

This is an ultra-lightweight automatic opening and closing umbrella. It is a slightly larger size umbrella that weighs about 267 grams and has a diameter of about 107 cm.


RED KAP Industrial Work Shirt

Work shirts that have been resized to a shorter length than RED KAP have arrived in a wide variety of colors.

RED KAP was founded in 1923 as a company that manufactures and sells overalls. Today, it is a representative manufacturer of workwear from the world's top companies.

Uses 4.25 ounces of poplin dough. It is characterized by its high color retention and durability. The left chest pocket has a stopper for inserting the pen straight.

Not only the size and atmosphere peculiar to work shirts, but also the texture of poly-blended fabric is attractive, this shirt is perfect for the coming season.

CLARKS Desert Trek & Wallaby

About 200 years ago, new products from the Gore-Tex series have arrived from Clarks, which stands at the forefront of shoemakers with its innovative design and craftsmanship that realizes it.
Introducing lace-up shoes featuring Clarks iconic items, wallabies and center seams.

It has become more practical with the Gore-tex, which has excellent waterproof and breathable functions. You can keep the inside of your shoes dry and comfortable even on damp rainy days.

First introduced in the 1970s, Desert Trek features a distinctive center seam.

The Trek Manheel emblem using reflective material is a hybrid design that combines Trek's commitment and technology.

The sole is made of Vibram, which is lightweight and has high grip.


Introducing new items from ENDS AND MEANS.
ENDS AND MEANS is a domestic brand that started in 2011. Mr. Uchiyama, who works on brand direction, develops items created by fusing used clothing culture such as work and military, which have been influenced by himself, and London's skating culture.

There is something nostalgic, there is also a traditional atmosphere, and there are only tasteful items.

Most of the products are made in Japan, and they are characterized by making products that cannot be achieved by mass production, such as ordering fabrics from all over the country or requesting craftsmen from each region to manufacture and dye them.

Many of them are tasty and change over time each time they are used, and they can be used habitually for a long time.


ENDS AND MEANS is a domestic brand that started in 2011.
Mr. Uchiyama, who works on brand direction, has been influenced by the work, military and other used clothing culture, and
The items created by fusing London's skate culture are nostalgic, have a traditional atmosphere, and are all tasteful items.
Most of the products are made in Japan, and they are characterized by making products that cannot be achieved by mass production, such as ordering fabrics from all over the country or requesting craftsmen from each region to manufacture and dye them.
Therefore, many of them are tasty and change over time each time they are used, and they can be used habitually for a long time.

One piece that the original horizontal stripe becomes a moderate accent.

The familiar EM mark is on the left sleeve.

You can wear even one piece with a comfortable medium-weight fabric that is soft to the touch.


A series using "WIND SHED" has arrived from MT.RAINIER DESIGN.
"WINDSHED" is a high-density nylon Material with excellent wind resistance, breathability, water repellency, and quick-drying properties, woven using nylon yarn that is strong and durable enough to be used in airbags.
The high standard bespoke field shirt has a short length and is made so that the width and arm can be worn comfortably.

We are particular about the snap fastener on the neck that has been adjusted so that it fits well when you wear a hoodie on the inner.

Adjustable sleeve snaps. The beauty of the silhouette created by the tuck in the back is attractive.
Two types of pockets are placed on the front. It has a deep chest pocket and side slit pockets that can be fully inserted for excellent storage capacity.

relaxed pants and shorts made of the same Material feature large pockets that are attached from the front to the side.

The waist part has a drawcord design that is easy to put on and take off, making it easy to wear.


New T-shirts from CITY LIGHTS BOOKSTORE have arrived.
CITY LIGHTS BOOKSTORE is a long-established bookstore that has been in Cisco North Beach, San France since 1953. Founded by Lawrence Farlingetti. In the USA, where there are many chain stores, it is a world-famous beat culture origin book store that still sells only one store and handles many in-house publications.

A typical logo design of City Lights Bookstore. A simple souvenir T-shirts.

"Poetry and Beat Literature are on the second floor."
The information display inside the City Lights Bookstore is designed.

A reprint of the T-shirts sold at City Lights Booksellers in 1975.
This design was drawn for City Lights Booksellers by artist Pat Ryan, who worked on many rock posters.

HEALTHKNIT Ventilation Smock & Henry Neck T-shirts

The popular ventilation smock T-shirts and Henry Neck T-shirts from Healthknit have been renewed and are in stock.

HEALTHKNIT was born in 1900 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA as a manufacturer of high quality underknitwear. It is made using high quality raw materials under consistent production control from spinning to sewing.

This Henry Neck T-shirts is a new model that has been updated to a loose pattern while retaining the atmosphere of the classic 906S Henry Neck T-shirts.

This is a model bespoke by Seilin & Co. It is a design that incorporates the ventilation specifications found in outdoor T-shirts-shirts.

The fabric is made of open-ended USA cotton, and a thin 30-count thread is twisted to give it a thickness of about 15-count.

We changed the fabric of the ventilation T-shirts until last year and resized it to a slightly smaller size.


New colors of "M2002R" have arrived from New Balance.

A solid upper design inspired by the "MR2002" that appeared in 2010 as the flagship model of Made in USA.

Combining a high-spec sole equipped with N ERGY and ABZORB, it has been reprinted in Asia.

A new color with a chic appearance that combines suede uppers that create an elegant impression in tonal colors.


The acrylic Cardigans of THE FOX Penneys is available.
THE FOX Penneys is an original brand derived from JC.Penney in the 1980s. It features colorful items such as knits, polo shirts, and shirts with the lovely FOX logo as an icon.

The FOX Cardigans, which is also popular in the vintage market, is a famous episode that was used by Kurt Cobain of NIRVANA.

Acrylic thread 12 gauge is used as a backing for knitting, and the unevenness of the surface is reproduced. By shaggy processing on the product, the hair is raised on the surface to express the vintage texture.
As it is 100% acrylic, it can be handled by normal washing, dehydration and easy care. One of the features is the soft comfort peculiar to acrylic.

A versatile M size that can be matched with any item, with just the right amount of space and length.

L size that can be used as a light outerwear with a generous silhouette.

Karrimor New Items

New items have arrived from "Karrimor", which develops and provides innovative products for the purpose of "expanding mobile equipment" in all fields.
This GORE-TEX Performance Urban Coat is waterproof with Gore Performance Technology 3-layer Material, which is also useful in life and business situations.

(Left) By mounting a tab on the collar, it is possible to fix the collar in an upright position, and it has a function to improve windproofness. (Right) By mounting the ventilation hole under the armpit, it reduces the stuffiness in the clothes.

(Left) Water-stop zipper pockets are placed on the front body in three convenient locations for storing small items. (Right) In addition, an antibacterial Material is used inside the inner pocket, which is also recommended for temporary storage of masks.

This is the Travel 2-way crew neck, which was also popular with the previous model. Improved ease of wearing by renewing to stretch Material. It is a crew neck that assumes the travel scene.

You can put in and take out the sleeves and store them while wearing them from the pockets placed inside the body. With this one piece, you can respond to temperature fluctuations and environmental changes when you go out, reducing the stress caused by putting on and taking off your clothes. There is no doubt that it will play an active role in the car, in the cabin, and on the road where comfort is required.

In addition to the water-repellent finish, it is a highly functional item with rubber cuffs and a waist string that allows you to squeeze the hem.

OWN sunglasses

Sunglasses have arrived from the eyewear brand "OWN" from Japan, which started in 2021.
OWN is developing the brand with the concept of "raising the status of eyewear".

Upper row: "# 02" is attractive because it is simple enough to enjoy a sharp curved frame line.
Lower: Boston type "# 03" with a profound feeling and elegance

Upper row; Blow type "# 04" that is particular about the balance of silhouette / size / streamline
Lower: Extra-fine round frame "# 05" using titanium Material

OWN's products are influenced by Asian culture such as Japan, and give off originality not found in Western / Scandinavian brands.

CHURCH BARBER sweatshirt

sweat fabric have arrived from the barber shop "CHURCH BARBER" in San Francisco.

"CHURCH BARBER" is a barber shop that opened on Octavia Street in San Francisco in 2015. Aiming to be a botanical barber, we use hair care products that do not pollute the environment.

Also, I am particular about water, and I go to Mt. Tam, which is 20 miles by car from San Francisco, once every two weeks to fetch natural water (Wild Water).

Both the front and back have a flock print (foam) print, so if you wear it for a long time and the print cracks, you will get a better atmosphere.
It is a souvenir item with an attractive back print designed to cherish nature.


The dead stock of the 4th generation LEVEL 7 jacket, the strongest jacket adopted by the USA military, has arrived.

This jacket is used in the latest generation of ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System), the 4th generation (GEN4). In the layering system originally developed by the USA military, the layering final cold protection (high loft) parka located at level 7 for wearing on the outermost side.

The big difference from GEN3 is that the shell uses aramid Material, which is a flame-Material. Of course, it is waterproof, breathable and durable, and will perform well in any environment. The batting uses Primaloft, which has eight times the heat retention of down and does not lose its heat retention effect even when it gets wet with water.

As the name of High Loft suggests, PrimaLoft is packed with plenty of cold weather.

handson grip glove

HANDSON GRIP gloves are in stock. HANDSON GRIP is a brand that has been involved in glove making for 60 years in a small town facing the Seto Inland Sea in Kagawa Prefecture, which ships about 90% of Japanese glove production.

The soft texture of merino wool and the unique shape that minimizes seams make "HOBO" a wrap-around fit. A conductive Material (synthetic leather) compatible with the touch panel is placed on the fingertips. It is a versatile model that you will want to use anytime.

Hobo's half-cut model. While retaining the soft texture of merino wool, the half-cut fingers allow you to comfortably wear gloves all day long. Since the fingers are released even in active situations, it can be used for various purposes while ensuring heat retention.

Cuff gaiter type gloves "CURVE". Taking the gloves provided to the Danish army as a hint, the shape is upgraded with functional Material. The fitting is improved by putting a stitch between the index finger and the middle finger, and it was created with the theme of gloves that do not get in the way even if worn all day.

"POLARTEC POWER STRETCH PRO" with outstanding stretch and heat retention is used on the instep side, and merino wool is used on the palm.

BOB BARKER Blanket Lining Work Coat

Introducing the work coat of BOB BARKER.

In the early 1980s, Bob Barker acquired a friend's small prison supply business and began supplying personal care, bedding, and clothing to prisons in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia in the USA.
In 1986, we moved our headquarters to Hukivalina, North Carolina, where we are still operating.

Blanket Material is used for the liner.

It features a cut-back on the collar.

CASIO W218H-1A / Leather belt

The leather belt type of the multifunctional watch W218H-1A has arrived from CASIO.

This is a bespoke item with a crocodile embossed leather belt.

The W-218H is a highly visible wristwatch that displays the time on a very thick 7-segment display. In addition to the extremely thick design of each segment, the difference in brightness from the background is also extremely large, so the time is displayed clearly and clearly.

One of the features is the design reminiscent of G-SHOCK, and the shape is reminiscent of the DW-5300 that was once sold.

The playful combination has a unique atmosphere and can be used widely from casual to business scenes.

TOWNCRAFT Shaggy Solid Cardigans

TOWN CRAFT is one of JC PENNY's original brands and has been in operation since 1927. Unlike the company's work brand BIGMAC, which was created with an emphasis on functionality and without waste, it was packed with everyday life and fashion in the USA at that time. All of the items currently available are currently previewed based on the 1950s and 1970s.

This Cardigans is made and sized so that it can be worn even in unisex, and is characterized by a soft, warm and gentle touch made of acrylic Material.

HIGH! STANDARD Embroidery 14oz SWEAT

The USA sweat fabric series of MADE IN LA has arrived from High Standard.
The sleeves are casually embroidered with the acronym "S" for STANDARD.
The 14-ounce thick brushed back heavy sweat fabric Material a unique USA feel.