LENO Oversized Shirt & Band Collar Pullover Dress

New items for the spring of 2022 have arrived from LENO.
LENO is a brand that was born in a small condominium in Harajuku in 2015. While cherishing the good old elements of vintage history and background, we are proposing fashion that "wants to wear at any time."

An oversized striped shirt that has been carefully resized from a standard shirt and finished with finely balanced parts adjustments. The clean collar makes it easy to use for layering, and the front opening design makes it useful as a light haori coat.

A long-length dress with a band color that is popular every season. Normally, the fabric woven with 120th yarn is easy to wrinkle because it feels good on the skin, but it has been treated to prevent wrinkles and has new pockets on both sides, making it much easier to use.

The striped pattern has been redesigned for each season, and the combination of each color and pitch has been adjusted many times. The Material is 120/2 broad, and the shirt is more comfortable to the touch.

BLUE BLUE light denim 3B eagle patch jacket

A lapel-shaped work jacket using original denim.

By making it a loose silhouette, it is easy to layer and it is a jacket that is easy to use as a light outerwear in spring.

I was particular about the natural discoloration that I wore for many years.

The Points is the original patch with a vintage emblem as a motif.


A wallet with an attractive compact size has arrived from Hender Scheme.
The concept of Hender Scheme is to design freely regardless of gender, regardless of gender, in designs that belong to the field of social gender.

A thin wallet made by folding three coin cases. It has a sophisticated design that is compact yet has excellent storage capacity.

An easy-to-use wallet with separate coins, cards, and wallets. We use bridle leather that is fully impregnated with wax, and by using it, you can enjoy the secular change that becomes familiar to your hands and gives a gloss.

The Points is a casual engraving.


The dead stock of the 4th generation LEVEL 7 jacket, the strongest jacket adopted by the USA military, has arrived.

This jacket is used in the latest generation of ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System), the 4th generation (GEN4). In the layering system originally developed by the USA military, the layering final cold protection (high loft) parka located at level 7 for wearing on the outermost side.

The big difference from GEN3 is that the shell uses aramid Material, which is a flame-Material. Of course, it is waterproof, breathable and durable, and will perform well in any environment. The batting uses Primaloft, which has eight times the heat retention of down and does not lose its heat retention effect even when it gets wet with water.

As the name of High Loft suggests, PrimaLoft is packed with plenty of cold weather.

LITE YEAR bucket hat

LITE YEAR is a brand established in New York in 2016. We make full use of various Material and develop mainly hats and caps, all sticking to MADE IN USA.

A thin bucket hat made of polyester and Material.

The fine gingham check is not too cute and gives a chic impression.

A piled bucket hat with bright coloring.

It is an item that gives an accent to your outfit in terms of both color and Material.

The simple yet outstanding silhouette is attractive.








BLUE BLUE JAPAN Compressed Wool Koushigara Series

Introducing new items for the fall / winter 2021 using the classic Material "compressed wool" from BLUE BLUE JAPAN.
Since the wool jersey is crimped, it has a good reputation as a soft and comfortable Material with stretch.

There are two colors, D NAVY and GRAY. D NAVY is also woven in a checkered pattern, but the Points is that it looks plain because it is woven with threads of the same color.

The lattice-like pattern is inspired by the four-knit stitch, which is a type of bamboo weaving, and has been said to have the meaning of amulet.

SWEET PANTS Slim 21 Pants

The popular color "BLACK" of the popular SWEET PANTS Slim 21 pants has been restocked due to its popularity.
SWEET PANTS is a brand that was established in Paris in 1982 and started producing mainly sweatpants. It provides products that are unisex and timeless like jeans, and are loved by all generations. Is the concept.

The special sweat fabric called elastane fleece is moderately thick, and the brushed back inside gives a soft feel like fleece.

The Slim 21 Pants have a clean and slim silhouette while maintaining a relaxed fit. It goes well with Tops such as jackets.

The waist area is made of rubber and has a good fit for a comfortable fit.

Please find the one you like from a wide variety of colors.

handson grip glove

HANDSON GRIP gloves are in stock. HANDSON GRIP is a brand that has been involved in glove making for 60 years in a small town facing the Seto Inland Sea in Kagawa Prefecture, which ships about 90% of Japanese glove production.

The soft texture of merino wool and the unique shape that minimizes seams make "HOBO" a wrap-around fit. A conductive Material (synthetic leather) compatible with the touch panel is placed on the fingertips. It is a versatile model that you will want to use anytime.

Hobo's half-cut model. While retaining the soft texture of merino wool, the half-cut fingers allow you to comfortably wear gloves all day long. Since the fingers are released even in active situations, it can be used for various purposes while ensuring heat retention.

Cuff gaiter type gloves "CURVE". Taking the gloves provided to the Danish army as a hint, the shape is upgraded with functional Material. The fitting is improved by putting a stitch between the index finger and the middle finger, and it was created with the theme of gloves that do not get in the way even if worn all day.

"POLARTEC POWER STRETCH PRO" with outstanding stretch and heat retention is used on the instep side, and merino wool is used on the palm.

BOB BARKER Blanket Lining Work Coat

Introducing the work coat of BOB BARKER.

In the early 1980s, Bob Barker acquired a friend's small prison supply business and began supplying personal care, bedding, and clothing to prisons in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia in the USA.
In 1986, we moved our headquarters to Hukivalina, North Carolina, where we are still operating.

Blanket Material is used for the liner.

It features a cut-back on the collar.

BLUE BLUE denim wallet & card case

Long wallet and card case using original denim.

A simple long wallet that can store bills and cards using original denim for the outer material. Since it is not thick and soft, it can be stored smartly in a jacket or pants pocket.

It's a simple design in which denim is layered and sewn together, but we paid particular attention to fine detail such as changing the stitch movement and using Selvedge as an accent.
The more you use it, the more it changes from dark blue to light blue, and you can enjoy aging.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Indigo Cotton jacquard

A knit jacquard knitted using two techniques, plating knitting and links knitting. The unevenness created by the Lynx knitting that returns the front and back stitches to the plating knitting that aligns the indigo yarn and the dark navy cotton acrylic yarn is characteristic.

The soft striped pattern that looks like it was written by hand is an original pattern with the image of a tiger. The white inside of the indigo thread looks like a heather, giving it a deep texture.

Two types of knit vest with a large armhole and a thin and light long-sleeved T-shirts-like knit pullover.

CASIO W218H-1A / Leather belt

The leather belt type of the multifunctional watch W218H-1A has arrived from CASIO.

This is a bespoke item with a crocodile embossed leather belt.

The W-218H is a highly visible wristwatch that displays the time on a very thick 7-segment display. In addition to the extremely thick design of each segment, the difference in brightness from the background is also extremely large, so the time is displayed clearly and clearly.

One of the features is the design reminiscent of G-SHOCK, and the shape is reminiscent of the DW-5300 that was once sold.

The playful combination has a unique atmosphere and can be used widely from casual to business scenes.

POLO RALPH LAUREN winter accessories

New winter accessories have arrived from POLO RALPH LAUREN.
POLO RALPH LAUREN is a lifestyle brand founded in the USA in 1967, and is a central brand of USA trad and ivy fashion that arranges traditional British fashion in the USA style.
This is POLO SPORT's soft, high-quality Material muffler. The Points is the coloring and color scheme that is reminiscent of the 90's that is typical of POLO SPORT. The brand logo emblem on the tip is an accent.

A zippered pocket is arranged to store small items.

POLO SPORT's water-repellent, high-quality Material gloves. The lining uses Thinsulate from 3M, which is "thin and warm", giving it a stylish finish in addition to heat retention.

The tip of the index finger and thumb is made of a Material compatible with the touch panel.

This is a simple knit glove from POLO RALPH LAUREN. The embroidery of the polo bear in the folded ribs is eye-catching.
It is also recommended as a gift for loved ones.

HOLIDAY Thermal Pro Fleece Pants

Fleece pants in collaboration with BURLAP OUTFITTER have arrived from "Holiday", which has the concept of "enjoying fashion freely without being bound by stereotypes or preconceived ideas".
Uses THERMAL PRO, which specializes in heat retention from POLARTEC, which developed the fleece Material. It has a slender line and a clean silhouette.

Unlike regular fleece, THERMAL PRO fleece is durable and comfortable to wear, lightweight, heat-retaining and quick-drying.

The surface is like a knit and is a Material that also has femininity. It is also attractive to be able to wear it in a well-balanced manner with a high waist.

Logo embroidery is applied to the left pocket.

CALIFOLKS crew neck sweatshirt

New sweat fabric have arrived from CALIFOLKS. The brand "CALIFOLKS", which means California people and landscapes, is a coined word that combines California and Folks.

Souvenir-like graphics on T-shirts and sweat fabric, designer Komy himself draws words, makes screens, prints, asks Amigo for labels, and carefully packs them.

Back print is also a Points.

TIMBERLAND 3 eyelet classic moccasin shoes

"Timberland" is a brand that started from a shoe store in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 1918. Traditional moccasin shoes with plenty of craftsmanship, finished with traditional Timberland hand-sewn.

The function is also excellent, and the 360 ° race system is an effective function for shoes with slightly shallow heels. It has the role of improving the overall fit.

Furthermore, by using a rug sole, it is different from other moccasins.

Coordination with basic pants such as denim and chinos is recommended.

Healthknit Heavy Waffle T-shirts

A long-sleeved cut-and-sew made from HEALTHKNIT's new standard, super heavy waffle Material.

HEALTHKNIT was born in 1900 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA as a manufacturer of high quality underknitwear. It is made using high quality raw materials under consistent production control from spinning to sewing.

A crew neck with a Points neck and V notch that expands the range of dressing.

The mock neck T-shirts made of waffle Material, which can be said to be super heavy, has been packed to the limit of the knitting machine, and is highly heat-retaining and can be worn for a long time from early autumn to early spring.