Items made for people in harsh environments, such as the US NAVY anorak hoodie and the smocks worn by fishermen, are tough, functional and tasteful. With that as the image source, we received a pullover that was modified to match modern lifestyles and styles. We will delve into items filled with various charms with explanations by the staff.

-Which parts have you updated modernly, sourced from tough items of military and workwear?

"Original US NAVY anorak hoodies and fishermen's smocks are made tough, with a focus on cold weather and durability, depending on the environment, such as waterproof rubberized fabrics and thick, heavy twill. The fabrics and specifications of this item may seem a little difficult to wear in the city today. Therefore, while retaining the mood of military items and workwear, it can be incorporated into town use by expressing it with cut-and-sew fabrics. In addition, I finished it in one piece that can add a slightly different accent to the dress. "

-What kind of changes can you expect in color and texture?

"The more you wash it every day, the lighter the color of the deeply indigo-dyed fabric, and the softer it feels on your skin, so it's fun to grow after you buy it."

-What is Points of choosing a size?

"It fit, but I think that even if you increase it by one size and wear it loosely, you will get a comfortable atmosphere.
The fabric is reasonably thick, so by incorporating it under the shirt in the fall and winter, the lace-up part that you can see from the collar will be an accent, and in the spring and summer you can wear it as the leading role, so it is an item that is easy to use throughout the year. "

-What kind of commitment do you have for the fabric?

"Originally, it is made using T-shirts and sweat fabric, but we used cut-and-sew fabrics that have a texture low count and uneven empty spinning (due to air pressure) A twin yarn made by twisting fibers into a thread, which creates volume because it contains air between the fibers. By knitting, it is finished in a rough and hard fabric and has excellent water absorption and quick drying). By knitting with an inlay (a knitting method that gives the fabric a bulge and enhances heat retention), texture appearance, crispness, and moderate flesh. Thanks to that, it does not easily lose its shape, and it goes well with items such as work wear motifs. "

―Please tell us an example of how to dress using the design of detail.

"It's a Points of lace-up around the neck, but if you have resistance T-shirts on the inner and enjoy various outfits with the items in your wardrobe. Lace-up items If you haven't worn it before, you may be a little reluctant, but when you try it on, it's surprisingly easy to take in and you can feel the power of wearing it, so please pick it up. "