Find the right size for you
Trying on

I used the virtual size
In two ways
Check recommended size

Click the size check button
Click the size check button on the product page to open the virtual size.
Click the size check button
Compare sizes from two methods
You can find the size in two ways: "Try on your body shape" and "Compare with your own items".
Compare with the clothes you have Try on with your body shape
Compare with your body

You can create your own body silhouette and try on the product.
You can also enter detailed dimensions to create a more accurate silhouette.

Recommended size

Compare with your clothes

Recommended size
Compare size with previously purchased items etc.
The size closest to the item you purchased in the past is recommended at online stores that have introduced virtual size.
You can compare it with your other items by clicking the button at the top of the screen.
Size check button
Compare the sizes of the brands you wear often
Virtual size has size data of many brands, and you can compare sizes.
Which brand do you usually wear?
Create an item by entering the exact dimensions of the clothes
You can create items by entering dimensions such as clothes that you usually wear.
This is useful when you want to compare sizes with accurate dimensions.
Please enter dimensions
Determine the size
Determine the size

The size button with a check mark at the bottom of the fitting screen is the recommended size.

Product details screen

You can check detailed product information at once on this screen to help you choose the size.

Detailed information of this product

My page function

By registering a virtual size account, you can use the convenient My Page function.

All items purchased at shops that have virtual sizes installed, as well as items you add yourself, will be displayed here.
You can also add items to the closet from this screen.
My page function
You can edit your body silhouette by clicking "Edit".
Important information such as body dimensions can be hidden by pressing the eye icon.
Silhouette edit
My page
If you create a virtual size account, you can compare sizes from all devices such as PCs and smartphones.
Account creation
What if you have a problem?

If you have any problems using Virtual Sice, please click "Support" in the menu.

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