Since its founding, Seilin & Co., Ltd. has developed a large number vintage items from overseas, including USA Items purchased locally over the years can sometimes be an inspiration for manufacturing, and at other times they can be style items that match original brands such as HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET vintage items currently on the market, we will introduce the special items that the person in charge wants to recommend now.

"USA Material have a tasteful finish due to discoloration just like denim. It has a taste and dignity that is a bit different from the current product, and style a special feeling to daily coordination with its unique charm. The size notation is 36. "

"A cotton twill jacket made by DANTON, which France is proud of. The Points detail work that seems to be a brand that was originally manufactured mainly for workwear, such as making chore coat collar, such as a well-balanced placed pocket, European work unique sleek design is a must. "

"A denim smock shirt filled with the hip mood of the 70's. The patchwork that makes use of the beautiful contrast of shades and the stitch are carefully sewn one by one are both catchy and playful. "