New colors for Spring / Summer 2022, GREEN and OATMEAL, are now available in the lineup!
The body and "H motif" embroidery colors are combined in similar colors, making it a recommended coloring for adult style.

"The perfect T-shirts for any occasion or style"
This is what we put into stretch fraise. Season, style,
The first place that will play an active part in various places regardless of the scene.
I hope you can find your "favorite piece".

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men's (unisex)



Fit Guide

Check the size feeling in the video


stretch fraise were initially developed as underwear. Therefore, it is made with a tight silhouette that fit the body. We recommend one size larger than the size you usually wear. Also, it shrinks when washed. Avoid tumbler drying.

Men ’s (Unisex)
Size notation Standard height Standard size
XS (0) ~160 cm Usually XXS
S (1) 160 cm to 165 cm Usually XS
M (2) 165cm-170cm Usually S
L (3) 170 cm to 175 cm Usually M
XL (4) 175 cm to 180 cm Usually L
XXL (5) 180 cm ~ Usually XL
Size notation Standard size
S (1) Usually XS
M (2) Usually S
L (3) Usually M
XL (4) Usually L
Kids' TOPS
Size notation Standard height Standard age
S (1) 80 cm to 90 cm Around 2-3 years old
M (2) 100cm-110cm Around 4-5 years old
L (3) 110 cm to 125 cm Around 6 to 7 years old
XL (4) 120 cm to 130 cm Around 8-9 years old
XXL (5) 140 cm to 150 cm Around 11 years old
Size notation Standard height Standard age
S (1) 80 cm 12-18 months
M (2) 95 cm Around 4-5 years old
L (3) 110 cm 5 years old~

* stretch fraise is a registered trademark of Seilin & Co. Co., Ltd.
Registration number: No. 5978105
Registration date: September 8, 2017

Stylist:Yoshiaki Komatsu
Hair & Make:NOBUKIYO
Model:Kohei Ikeue
Ayumi Turnbull
Photographer:Jun Okada