The standard spring knit "Riffle Cotton" series has been updated to be even easier to wear. Introducing new colors that give you a spring feel.

Uneven fabric with the image of ripples
Made of 100% cotton original yarn
I made.

A basic and versatile cotton knit.
Originally, it is a wavy yarn that is often a blend of cotton and nylon, but we use an original 100% cotton yarn that does not lose its shape and is comfortable.
By combining wave cotton, which is conventionally knitted with two threads, into one thread, we have reduced the thickness and made it lighter and softer.

Item Name ``Riffle'' comes from the ``ripples'' in front of the wave.

It prevents the fuzz that is characteristic of knits, has a dry touch and a refreshing feel, and is Material for spring and summer as it has good ventilation and is comfortable against the skin.
This series is easy to use as it is washable and can be worn like T-shirts.

Easy to mix and match
basic style
It's attractive.

crew neck and Cardigans are simple so you can wear them for a long time without getting tired of them.

We also have 3 types available, including a women's relaxed v-neck sweater.
crew neck has just the right amount of neck tightness and can be worn even when layered with a shirt underneath.
Cardigans is slightly larger than crew neck, so the layered innerwear won't show through.

This relaxed sweater with a beautiful v-neck line has a wide and loose fit, so it won't pick up your body line and matches a variety of styles.

With a wide variety of colors
Casual H embroidery

Available in a wide range of colors, from basic colors to spring-inspired colors.

The iconic "H" is casually embroidered on the cuffs.

The attractive color scheme is that each color uses a different embroidery thread, designed to match the base knit.


riffle cotton
washable crew neck sweater
Ruffle cotton washable
seam pocket Cardigans
Ruffle cotton washable
v-neck relaxed sweater women's
¥ 22,000