Privacy Policy

Seilin & Co. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") recognizes that the protection of personal information is an important responsibility when conducting its business activities, and as such, the Company takes every effort to protect such information to ensure customers can use the Company’s services with peace of mind.

Acquisition of personal information

Customer personal information will be used for the following purposes.
・Shipment of goods
・Business activities related to online orders, such as follow-up services

Safe handling of personal information

The Company will follow strict guidelines to ensure customer personal information is stored safely and is not leaked to any outside parties.

Disclosure of personal information

Customers’ personal information will not be shown or disclosed to a third party except when the Company has the customer’s consent and in the following cases.
・When outsourcing to an outside contractor for the above purposes
・When a request for information disclosure is received from the judiciary, the government, or similar organizations based on the provisions of laws and regulations
When subcontracting, the Company will conduct appropriate supervision over the subcontractor.

Requests for disclosure/correction/suspension of the use of personal information

The Company will disclose personal information when requested by the person in question and correct it if there are errors. If the customer requests the suspension of the use of their personal information, the Company will take measures to suspend its use.