Introducing two types of winter outerwear that have been updated with modern interpretations and moods, each modeled on a classic military item. From now on, when the cold gets into full swing, even though there are already a lot of outerwear in the streets, the staff will not only be able to reach the itch properly, but will also make a self-confident work full of "happy" that sets it apart from the surroundings. We will deliver it with commentary.

"While using the US Navy's A-2 deck jacket as a motif, it is a slightly short length jacket that is easy to wear in modern times and arranged in places. The outer material is Ventile used by the British Army. Ventile is 100 cotton % of the Material of the but, expands fiber by wet, reduce to us function of water penetration Material has become. and in batting made of microfiber Material, the warmth, of course, water-repellent The secret of warmth and lightness is this. There are rough chest pockets on both the left and right sides that allow you to easily put things in and out, so you can go out with only valuables. Corresponding. The silhouette is not too thin, not too thick, and is designed to be smartly dressed. The Ventile tag and Primaloft piss name are attached to the lining, and the cuffs can be adjusted snap fastener It is packed with casual commitments such as

"A rud swing coat with the motif of the Swedish army M90 known to those in the know. First of all, the hood was originally attached to the neck, but it was made a brand new and neat with a standing collar. Also, as a major change Is flap pocket on the hem. Originally it is lower, but I raised the position to make it easier to use. By making the hand warmer on the chest a little deeper, I not only put my hands in and warm it The cuffs are magic tape type so you can adjust it according to your taste and situation. Also, the center vent of the hem determines the impression of the back view. The original model Although it is a specification that does not exist, I dared to make a center vent so that it will match even if it is layered on a suit etc. "

"The outer material is water-repellent in the state of the fabric, and cotton nylon is used for sticking and crispness, and Primaloft is used for the batting. The lining is also made of environmentally friendly fluorine-free water repellent. The more important Points is the shoulder sling belt inside. So-called jackets with batting are hot and take off when you enter the room such as trains, offices, and shops. I think that there are many, but at that time it is a little bulky to hold in your hand. Therefore, you can easily carry the jacket you took off by wearing a belt. There is also an adjuster function, and you can raise and lower the jacket with one touch. You can also hang it diagonally by stopping the buckle diagonally. So you can carry it not only indoors but also when it gets hot when walking and you take it off without getting in the way. Inside is the same as the deck jacket. In addition to the pocket, there is also a zip pocket, so it is possible to securely store valuables etc. "