Seilin & Co. Online customer service Seilin & Co. Online customer service

You can receive the same customer service at home as in the store You can receive the same customer service at home as in the store

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STAFF in charge

Former OKURA store manager

We will also introduce proposals tailored to your taste, accessories and other small items, and miscellaneous goods.

Former JOURNEY staff

Please feel free to contact us not only for casual styles but also for jacket styles!

* Female staff can also be specified
way to participate
First time customers
Register for Seilin & Co.

Please proceed from "First-time users / non-members" on the login screen.
If more than one person participates, there is no problem with only the representative.

Send necessary information from the reservation form

Please select the desired date and time.

If you have a product that interests you, please enter the Item code and Item Name in the "Remarks" column of the reservation form.
An email will be sent automatically when your reservation is completed.
Once we have confirmed your reservation, we will send you an invitation to ZOOM by email.

Participate from the URL described in the email on the day

On the day, when the reservation time comes, click the URL in the email to start.
* If you are using a smartphone, please allow "Requesting access to the camera" and "Requesting access to the microphone".
* If you are using a computer, click "Join with video".

Since ZOOM will be used, please download the ZOOM app in advance.

Online customer service holding time
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 11: 00-19: 00
Customer service time: 45 minutes, no matter how trivial
Please feel free to contact us.

Even just a consultation is welcome.
Please check the size of the item you are looking for and prepare a measure on the day for detailed information.
Please see here for how to measure the size.

  • Please note that we will record when serving customers to improve the service.
  • We will store your personal information safely under strict control, and we will carefully protect it so that it will not be leaked to others.
  • Please note that the product may not be available depending on the timing of the reservation.
  • If you are using multiple terminals, please enter the participant's name and email address in the "Remarks" section of the reservation form.
  • The payment method is (1) cash on delivery (Sagawa Express e-collect: fee 330 yen) (2) bank transfer (transfer fee paid by the customer).
  • The purchase history is described in "ONLINE SHOP WEB customer service" in the store column.
  • Delivery, returns, and exchanges follow the ONLINE SHOP User's Guide.
  • Same-day reservations cannot be accepted.
  • If you do not enter ZOOM within 10 minutes after the reservation start time, it will be canceled.
  • ご予約後、no-reply@select-type.com からお客様宛にメールが自動配信されます。
  • 万が一メールが届かない場合は、 seilin-eshop@hrm.co.jp までご連絡ください。
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