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HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases

We have picked up your favorite new items purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
Please also refer to the recommended Points

Favorite purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
We have picked up new items.
Recommended Points and advice on how to dress
Please refer to it.

All-purpose shorts perfect for leisure

  • Nylon shorts that appeared as a new work last year and were very popular.
    The length is a little short, but the hem width is wide, so it is well-balanced and you can expect a long leg effect.

  • The H logo is effective, and even with a strong color, it is easy to incorporate because the area is small, so I recommend matching it with T-shirts

  • The side pockets are made of mesh so it doesn't matter if you put them in the water as they are, so I usually wear them when working with children.

  • It's water repellent and keeps you comfortable even when you sweat, so it's useful when you're out on a bike or climbing a mountain on your days off.

SIZE: M / Height: 179cm H Embroidery Legs Free Nylon Shorts ¥ 12,100 (tax included)
1 / 5

A black dress that doesn't look heavy even in the summer

  • As it is a solid black dress, small items are unified in black for a clean look.
    I tried to incorporate play using colors in my bag.

  • It is recommended that you can change the sleeves to puff sleeves depending on your mood

  • The attractive design is black and can be worn beautifully like an adult.
    As it is a light Material, it does not look heavy even in black, and it is an item that is easy to use even in the summer.

  • The design is also plain and simple, so we recommend a style that incorporates brightly colored items such as yellowtail accessories and patterned items.

SIZE: ONE / Height: 155cm Puff Sleeve Gathered Shirt Dress ¥ 24,200 (tax included)
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Recommended haori that is simple yet highly functional

  • The colors of the BLACK series are used to create a sense of unity, and the inner band TEE is accented.

  • Points is that you can go out without a bag if you have the luggage that men generally carry. If it's a jacket, I think there are such items, but if it's a cool item that can be worn even during this time of high temperature, it's hard to find it.

  • Because it uses durable nylon, you can wear it hard, and you can comfortably put on the stuffy feeling that you are worried about in the summer with the ventilation function on the armpits and back.

  • It is also recommended to change the silhouette by squeezing the drawcord attached to the hem.

SIZE: M / Height: 167cm Taslan Nylon Zip-up Shirt ¥ 20,900 (tax included)
1 / 5