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HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases

We have picked up your favorite new items purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
Please also refer to the recommended Points

Favorite purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
We have picked up new items.
Recommended Points and advice on how to dress
Please refer to it.


  • style feel so good Shorts, which I have been using for about 4 years, in the same color.
    The black color has been so successful that I would like to add other colors to my wardrobe this summer.

  • style I personally recommend Tops with a high-impact design.

  • I often wear it on holidays as well as when I stand in the store. The moderate stretch and short-haired back pile fabric is very comfortable and relaxing.

  • I also like the fact that the length is not too long and not too short and looks well-balanced.

SIZE: M / Height: 171cm feel so good Shorts ¥ 11,000 (tax included)
1 / 5

Adult baker pants that look elegant

  • I made style by matching the summer-like tie dye T-shirts

  • The linen rayon Material makes it comfortable to wear. It is the first place to surely make a heavy rotation in the coming season.

  • Rough style with accent print T-shirts, as well as a simple white T-shirts with sandals and a straw hat for a beautiful resort style because it is a calm orange color. it's recommended.

  • The large back pocket also has the effect of making your butt look smaller, so even if you are not confident in your shirt-in style, please try it.

SIZE: S / Height: 170cm Washer linen rayon baker
Pants women
¥ 19,800 (tax included)
1 / 5

MADE IN USA Eagle T-shirts

  • Focusing on beige items, we style them so that they look calm even with T-shirts

  • The brand logo of RUSSELL is "White Eagle" which is also the national bird of the USA The print that makes it a campus mascot style is also attractive.

  • You can create a style that is not too simple by combining leather shoes and accessories while suppressing the color tone. A plain T-shirts is good, but T-shirts to give it a light impression like spring and summer?

  • USA is a piece that feels like a brand.
    The design of the hem, which uses the tag used in RUSSELL Points that you should take a closer look at.

BLUEBLUE Eagle USA T-shirts
¥ 7,480 (tax included)
1 / 5