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HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases

We have picked up your favorite new items purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
Please also refer to the recommended Points

Favorite purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
We have picked up new items.
Recommended Points and advice on how to dress
Please refer to it.

STAFF # 01 / Height: 153cm
Enjoy linking the colors of your blouse and shoes

style by linking the colors of the blouse and air lift panels. The blouse has an open chest, so I think it's cute even if you put a lace tank top inside or combine it with a patterned inner such as horizontal stripe
The blouse has a fluffy silhouette, so the silhouette of the body is hard to come out and it covers it well. I like the fact that the large embroidery on the whole makes the face look brighter.

Air lift the color is a different design on the left and right difference and what was out conventional Points is. The sole is also a crater and the color like marble is eye-catching. Since various colors are incorporated, I also like the places that are familiar with color items such as T-shirts

STAFF # 02 / Height: 172cm
HUNTISM hat with an urban and stylish texture

It's like adding a knit cap and a beret. It is an interesting item with a design and function that is rarely seen, such as a beret type that can be tilted back and a casquette that can be worn when tilted forward. Also that it represents the brand logo pattern weave jacquard precisely because they tend item becomes a simple Points it has become.

It is rounded and ribbed so it is comfortable to wear and is recommended not only for men but also for women. The design is domestically produced and mixed with functional Material but the reasonable price is also attractive.

STAFF # 03 / Height: 162cm
style made with your favorite denim

I dared to match Tops with a tasteful denim jacket so that it would be gradation of denim, and added a color to the accessory with PINK. The inner is a marine-like horizontal stripe cut-and-sew that is perfect for the coming season, making it a refreshing style suitable for early summer. Since it has a high waist, you can expect a leg length effect by inserting Tops. I finished it in a boyish style with men's-like items, but I also recommend wearing a blouse for a mature denim style.

The large back pocket and the exquisite silhouette from the waist to the hips create a feminine atmosphere, so it is also recommended for those who do not usually wear denim. The WHITE type has a moderate thickness, and you don't have to worry about the sheer feel of the inner, so I think it's easy for people who don't usually wear white bottoms to take on the challenge. It's been about half a year since I started using both of them, but the indigo type has been washed several times, so it has come out. This is sold in a non-washed state, so you can enjoy growing denim from scratch!

STAFF # 04 / Height: 149cm
One push item that will be an accent with just one addition

I did style in pants style so that the ribbon of the vest and the ribbon of the hat would not be too sweet. Others are summarized in WHITE so that the best CHOCO color will be the accent color.
This vest is plain T-shirts and is recommended to be worn as an accent when you are not satisfied or layered on a simple dress. Also, if you layer it on a well-designed item such as a blouse or a patterned dress, it will add a calm atmosphere.

My favorite Points are the ribbon part of the vest and hat. If you tie it in a bow, it will be cute, and depending on how you tie it, you can get a sense of omission, and I use it for style The vest has a wide neck and open sides, so you can layer it on items with various silhouettes such as oversize.
The slightly longer length and rayon Points that you can wear without stress.
Both items are a must-have item for summer style which tends to be simple.

STAFF # 05 / Height: 172cm
Recommended items to enjoy the silhouette

I was conscious of the spring-like color scheme that matches the color of the shorts. The bottoms and feet are casual, so I wear a broad shirt to prevent it from becoming too rough.
The shorts I'm wearing today are a combination of cotton and polyester, so they're light and silky and very comfortable. Although it is thin, it has firm elasticity and the silhouette is beautiful. I also like the vibrant colors that are typical of spring and summer. It is also recommended that you choose one size larger and wear it in a loose style. The balance of the length of the bottoms that goes down to the knees goes well with casual socks, so I think that the overall cohesiveness is good if you combine lined or voluminous socks.

Cotton of socks bulging Material that the sense of reasonable volume is put out in Points. The tightening is not very strong, and the soft comfort is also comfortable.
I feel like I dare to loosen it and wear it. Tops think and you'll fit such beautiful eyes shirt so as not to become too casual whether unity is good.

STAFF # 06 / Height: 170cm
T-shirts a unique color scheme

Sporty styling to match football T.
We also choose hats and shoes to match the colorful colors.
At this time of year, it is recommended to wear it as an accent on the inner jacket or pair it with short shorts in the summer.

There is a simple design, but chilly comfort and box type of silhouette Points is.
The sleeve length is about 8 minutes, so it is also attractive that you can mix and match in a long season.