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HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases

We have picked up your favorite new items purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
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Favorite purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
We have picked up new items.
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Make your denim painter pants your own

  • About 10 years ago, it was another brand, but I missed wearing it because I liked the denim painter, and I wanted to wear it for the first time in a while.

  • The fabric is moderately thick and the painter pants have orthodox specifications, so I think it's easy to match regardless of the season.

  • I want to wear it with the thickness like work pants, so I squeeze the oversize with a belt and wear it.

  • I also hem it up because I wanted to match it with low-instep sneakers without rolling it up, but I also like the fact that I washed it several times and gradually saw the atari at the hem.

  • Work denim pants using 11.75 ounces of denim planned in the USA Points are stitch the side and the hammer loop, which are unique to workwear.

SIZE: 34 / Height: 182cm CARHARTT Loose fit
Work Dungaree Painter Pants
¥ 14,300 (tax included)
1 / 5

A royal road Basque shirt with a loose silhouette

  • Spacious size Basque sense of feature shirt, firm with 100% cotton Material also for very soft, while a sense, is a favorite because tuck if easy.

  • Also, if you match it with denim pants, it will be finished in style, which is a classic marine style and has excellent compatibility, but if you match it with corduroy pants, it will change to a nice autumn atmosphere, so it is a recommended combination.

  • I like to tuck in and combine it with a feminine and crisp silhouette, but style that puts on thick pants without inning to give looseness as a whole can also bring out freshness like men's.

  • The Basque shirt that you wear in just the right size is also nice, but it is a recommended gem because you can get a moderately modern look by wearing it loosely.

  • The Basque shirt, which is used as a uniform for the French Navy, has been resized after many trials. Russell knitted cut and sewn fabric has elasticity and elasticity similar to textiles. The thread is dyed with the original color, and the carefully selected fabric is completed. It is a loose silhouette that assumes that the sleeves will also be rolled up.

SIZE: 1 / Height: LENO Blue horizontal stripe Basque Shirt ¥ 22,000 (tax included)
1 / 5

The fabric that you want to wear all year round is attractive even for autumn / winter items

  • The overall color tone is black. Regarding the feeling of size, I chose XL size because I wanted to wear it loosely.

  • The top button can also be closed, so I bought it because I thought I could enjoy various styles.

  • It's an autumn / winter item, but I also like the texture that can be worn all year round.

  • Since it is colored with ink, it is an item that I am looking forward to seeing how the color will fade in the future.

  • Uses Material rayon and is characterized by drape and smooth touch. Using ink pigment, the check pattern is expressed in three levels of density. The luster of the fabric is utilized as it is and it has an elegant texture like silk.

SIZE: XL / Height: 183cm Sumikoushi Square Color Shirt ¥ 26,400 (tax included)
1 / 5