When it comes to indigo dyeing, denim items are generally famous, but you can enjoy various textures and dresses by sticking to the Material This time, we will introduce a modern jacket and pants two piece set chambray fabric that creates a texture by dyeing linen fabric from threads. The planner himself will talk to the staff about their commitment and charm while styling.

"Originally, linen Material is not often dyed with indigo, but this fabric dyed with rope using a rope dyeing method that dyes threads in bundles is very texture. It's attractive and has been a staple for several years now.
Compared to indigo dyed in the state of the fabric, the one dyed from yarn has a deeper color, and the characteristic of yarn dyeing is that you can enjoy deep colors as well as light colors. Thanks to this, the aging process, which is one of the charms of indigo dyeing, progresses slowly, and thread dyeing allows you to enjoy the characteristics of the fabric more slowly.
The 2B jacket, which switches between indigo-dyed dark and light colors to asymmetry, matches the sophisticated detail work in a casual atmosphere. A mesh fabric is used for the lining to reduce the tingling texture peculiar to linen that hits the bare skin. It is a comfortable jacket that goes well with casual innerwear such as T-shirts and cut-and-sew, which is often used on a daily basis, and can be worn lightly in the hot summer. "

"Similar to the jacket, these two-tuck pants are made from linen fabric dyed with indigo from threads. The accent is the design with the side emblems on both sides switched in light colors. Incorporating the detail By doing so, the casual mood has been slightly updated. The waist has waist string and rubber specifications, so you can relax and wear it regardless of whether it is on or off. Like a jacket, T-shirts, cut-sews, rough shirts, etc. It is easy to match with items that are indispensable for everyday wear, and it is also recommended to wear it with a jacket and two piece set Material