Jackets and pants with Indian-made fabrics that embody the unique appearance

Denim fabrics, which are used not only for casual items but also for various everyday wear, are now made in various ways in various places around the world. From among them, texture, and created jackets and pants. The planner will tell you about jackets and pants that you should definitely pick up if you are looking for an item that sets you apart from others, not to mention denim lovers.

-Please tell us about the denim fabric used for this jacket and pants.

"It is a fabric made by hand woven using threads dyed with Indian indigo. As the name suggests," hand woven "is a fabric made by human hands and uses a manual weaving machine. users had. whereby you can enjoy a little bit different taste and fabrics that are woven in automatic machine. the distinctive indigo uses the Indian indigo, from the thread honnai was dyed "

-I would like to know the reason why you chose this fabric, but before that, how was the fabric specifically made?

"It will be a fabric made in India. After dyeing the yarn made by hand through various processes with Indian indigo, we will slowly and slowly hand-weave it in a small village using a manual loom. Compared to normal machine weaving, which can mass-produce hundreds of meters a day, the length that can be woven by hand weaving in a day is at most 1 m. "

-Compared to machine weaving, it feels like a very daunting task ...

"Since weaving is done little by little, it takes many days to complete, but when we finish one day and work the next day, the person who works may change from the previous day, and the same person continues. Even if weaving is done, if the way of applying force changes from time to time, the same weaving as the day before cannot be done. As a result, each seam of each work becomes a mark and a weaving step appears.
It is a part that is not seen in ordinary denim, and it may be perceived as weaving scratches and uneven weaving compared to general denim fabrics, but it is inevitable in the process of making denim by hand weaving. It's a phenomenon that comes, and it's also a taste. That's one of the reasons I chose this fabric. "

-Where do you want people who pick up this item to see?

"Since the colors of the warp and weft threads are different for this fabric, the weaving texture is more noticeable, and I think that is what makes the item unique. I think that the simple texture that is born is also attractive. By wearing ordinary denim, I think that each person's taste and discoloration will come out with a unique texture. However, the hand-woven dough has its own unique taste that can be said to be uneven, uneven, and fluctuations unique to manual work. "

-It's a very story-telling item, and it's a gem that seems to affect your existing wardrobe as well as your usual dress.

"Denim is a very popular Material, but it is a kind of craft that can be said to be a kind of craft made by an inefficient method unique to India, so I hope you enjoy it as you can taste texture"