HENDER SCHEMEより新作が入荷しました。



ショルダーバッグと同素材のワンサイドベルト バッグ。シンプルな一枚革の作りなので、経年変化による革本来の滑らかさが味わえます。




ROTOTO foot band

"Footband" developed with the concept of "more comfortable to wear with bare feet" has arrived from "ROTOTO".
"ROTOTO" socks are produced in the socks production areas that boast the highest production in Japan, such as Yamatotakada City, Kashiba City, and Gose City, centering on Koryo Town, Nara Prefecture. The sock industry in the northwestern part of Nara Prefecture has its roots in the textile industry that originally started in the Edo period. "ROTOTO" values "manufacturing" created by discussing with craftsmen who have inherited such history and tradition at the site (factory) above all else.

It prevents the soles from sticking due to sweat, keeps the sandals clean, and protects your feet from rubbing with the straps.

The neon color and tie-tie dye pattern at your feet accentuate the summer styling that tends to be simple.

FIT FOR mesh football T-shirts & wide box T-shirts

Introducing new items from "FIT FOR", which aims to be a brand that supports people's physical and mental stability.

Football T-shirts and wide box T-shirts equipped with "viral off processing" that reduces viruses and prevents odors caused by bacteria so that you can protect yourself in various environments.

Viral-off processing is a processing technology based on silver ions that reduces specific viruses on fibers. Viral-off processing helps reduce the risk of textile-borne infections.

You can enjoy aging because it is made of durable fabric that is hard to twist so that you can wear it for a long time and is strong against washing.

TOLL FREE Tallboy print tote bag

A new product has been added to the TOLL FREE logo tote bag series.

The pop design with a large print of the original character "TOLL BOY" that TOLL FREE used for tags etc. is attractive.

As with the previous logo tote bags, the fabric is made in 5 colors including NAVY, RED, NATURAL double gauze, OLIVE thread, and BLACK thread in new colors.

The size is basic and easy to use daily, so even men can hang it from their shoulders.

SANDERS Gilly Shoes & Military Sandals

Leather shoes from the military collection have arrived from SANDERS.
The upper is made of polished leather. It has a glossy feel and is not easily scratched or soiled. After brushing, polish it with a soft cloth soaked in a small amount of water to maintain the glossy feel. It's easy to clean, so it's also recommended for those who are new to leather shoes.

[Gilly shoes]
While retaining the country-like feel, the design is attractive because it is easy to incorporate into everyday style.

In the military collection, the design around the wavy eyelets peculiar to Gilly is finished with a face that shines considerably more individuality than ordinary lace shoes.

[Military sandals]
A model featuring a T-strap. Not to mention the style that is not too casual with shorts in the summer, the wide range that can be used with socks until autumn and winter is an item that combines the advantages of leather shoes and sandals.

The T-strap holds the entire foot firmly, while the elegance not found in ordinary sandals is eye-catching.


An original tote bag with a size that is easy to use when you go out for a little TOLL FREE.

The TOLL FREE archive logo is reprinted and printed.

The Points is the color scheme that matches the color of the bag.

It's thin and compact, so it's recommended to put it in a bag as reusable shopping bag.


Studio Nicholson (STUDIO NICHOLSON) is a British fashion brand.
The designer is Nick Wakeman.

Studio Nicholson's collection is clean and minimal. Not only for boyish, but also for both just fit size and oversize, it has been reconstructed so that it does not become sloppy based on the original body shape of females.

In order to create the atmosphere and comfort that Nick wants, and to create the perfect shape, she uses the Material and luxurious fabrics of her own choice.