JOJO beach sandals

A completely new shape of sandals "JOJO" has arrived, which was newly drawn by the long-established footwear master "Naito" in Gion, Kyoto, with universal functionality and structural beauty.
Carefully selected Material are used for each part so that you can continue to wear it for a long time. By pursuing comfort, the problem of sandals that "get tired when worn for a long time" has been greatly reduced. It is an attractive collection that combines not only functionality but also high design.

This is the 2022 OKURA bespoke item "kagozome dye" type.
JOJO sandals This item is made from the classic cork insole with navy blue.

The original fabric "kagozome dye", which is also used in BLUE BLUE JAPAN products in spring and summer, is used for the flowers.

"JAPANESE PAPER" is a black and astringent dish.

The insole is made based on Japanese paper, and it has a smooth Material and there is little contact patch with the skin, so you can wear it coolly. Linen Material is used for the flower cord, which is characterized by a cool Material.


A lot of leather accessories of "UNKNOWN PRODUCTS" have arrived.
"UNKNOWN PRODUCTS" will start in 2019 as a Japanese product brand. Even if the author is unknown, good quality products that have been carefully worked will continue to exist as universal products over time. The Reconstruction of Japanese style is a series created with a modern interpretation, paying homage to the Japanese traditions, cultures and styles that are the roots of Unknown Products. It was born from the desire to convey and spread Japanese traditions and culture through products that have been reconstructed in accordance with modern styles.

"NETSUKE" series.
Netsuke is a fastener used in the Edo period, and has been used since the Edo period to hang cigarette holders, inro, purse, etc. from the obi with a string in a kimono for men without pockets. .. This product has been remade so that it can be hung from the belt that hits the belt at that time and carried around. It can also be hooked on the handle of a bag or used as a handle.

"GASSAI" bag.
A product that uses Italian cowhide and is a modern reinterpretation of the Edo period handbag "Gokiribukuro". A bag is a flat-bottomed cloth bag that you can carry around with all your personal belongings. It was born in Japan around the Edo period. In modern sack bags, it is common to pierce a resin part called "Koki" with a brass nail and put a string through it, but this product is originally made of Koki with brass plating.

The bag drop is a prop from the Edo period. When wearing a kimono, a string (chain) is hung around the neck, and the bag attached to the tip is distributed to the left and right bags and used as a cigarette or paper case. It was often used by the samurai class. This product has been redesigned to fit the modern style so that it is worn on the outside of the kimono, rather than on the inside of the kimono, which is the original usage. The left side is the card case and the right side is the coin case.

Qulo SY-1, SY-2

New eyewear has arrived from the eyewear frame "Qulo", which is inspired by "ink" and pursues the beauty of black.
Qulo's first Salmont design type 2.

The material used for the eyewear frame is the highest quality soot made by Kobaien, Japan's oldest ink-making company with a history of more than 400 years. In addition, in order to bring out the beauty of black to the fullest, it is a product that has been pursued with Takiron Roland Corporation, which has its own acetate molding technology.

Original fabric using ink is used for the blow part.

The bridge is engraved with the motif of Kobaien's ink, giving it a subtle accent.

The SY-1 is a combination model with titanium parts that are colored to make the best use of the original fabric using ink. SY-2 uses a nyroll frame.

It fits well on the face and gives a clean impression.


Hand-stitch prints on the collar, cuffs and pockets. In addition, the emblem sewn by hand with seamstresses texture enhances the warmth. Porter Classic This special collection, expressed in the popular ALOHA series, is a collection that people of all ages, genders and generations should love.