BLUE BLUE Broad Cotton BB Emblem Crazy Big Shirt

Short-sleeved big silhouette shirts using broad cloth are available from BLUE BLUE.

It has a patchwork with the same tone. The Points is that the combination of patterns is changed for black and blue.

A different embroidery thread is used for the college-style emblem embroidery in the pocket.

Available in two sizes, M and XL, it has a silhouette that you can wear comfortably and comfortably. This is wearing XL size. Recommended for a relaxed look.

BLUE BLUE shadow logo T-shirts

BLUE BLUE has released a T-shirts with a simple logo.

A simple printed T-shirts with the shadow of the "BLUE BLUE" logo printed on it.

As it is one Points on the left chest, you can wear it in any style without the print overly insisting.

It is a simple yet full-featured item, such as a hand-drawn typeface and a print that is intentionally placed deeply and firmly.

BLUE BLUE Rope knot pile zip hoodie

Introducing the pile zip hoodie that is reminiscent of NAVY, marine, and work, which are the themes of BLUE BLUE.

Print the rope work that is essential for navigation. Rough touch like drawing by hand, print misalignment at the time of hand printing, etc. are intentionally expressed, and the finish has a simple taste.

Tailored with a comfortable pile on the skin.

A zip hoodie with a relaxed silhouette that gives you plenty of space.

detail reminiscent of marine, such as hand warm pockets like beach shirts and spindles, are also important Points.

RUSSELL BLUEBLUE Seagulls series

From the collaboration between RUSSELL and BLUE BLUE, which are popular every year, a series with animal characters as a motif, such as those found on vintage college team T-shirts, has arrived.

The graphic is based on the motif of "seagulls" reminiscent of marine, which is typical of BLUE BLUE.

Made from 100% cotton "PRO COTTON" Tianzhu fabric, which is familiar to RUSSELL. PRO COTTON, which was developed for the training of professional athletes, has a solid and profound feeling, but also has the robustness to keep its shape.

The T-shirts has a slightly loose-eyed box silhouette and is well-ventilated, so you can spend comfortably even in the hot season.

The dress has a deep slit in the hem that creates a casual yet feminine look.

Available in 3 types: T-shirts, dresses, and kids' T-shirts-shirts, it is also recommended for family style and gifts.

BLUE BLUE Selvedge rib crew socks

Introducing the new lined rib socks from BLUE BLUE.

It features a line that expresses the "red selvage" found on the edges of denim woven by old-fashioned shuttle looms.

By knitting with threads of several colors, it expresses a deep color like denim.

The ribbed knitting makes it a soft fit that fits reasonably well.

BLUE BLUE stretch Waffle Teleco BB Emblem

BLUE BLUE, Tops of Points fabric with original emblem are available.

Specializing in elasticity, the knitting of span teleco with excellent kickback has been improved, and a special knitted fabric with a waffle-like texture has been adopted. In addition to the stretch comfort, the waffle knitting is also comfortable to the touch.

WOMEN'S is a sleeveless type that is easy to layer even one piece. The balance between the large rounded hem and the tunic length gives the impression of a slim style.

MEN'S is a basic and timeless pocket T-shirts type. A casual emblem shines in a simple structure.

The gold embroidery reminiscent of a college-style emblem is attractive.

BLUE BLUE Cotton Linen Prepeller open collar Shirt & relaxed pants

Introducing open collar shirts and relaxed pants made from prepeller fabric from BLUE BLUE.

It is a plain but uneven surface, and it is a prepeller fabric that shows various texture by adding a difference in concentration to the warp and weft threads to create shadows. The Material is a blend of cotton and linen, which makes it easy to remove from the skin and is suitable for the hot season.

The open collar shirt has a relaxed silhouette with plenty of width.

relaxed pants of the same Material.

Easy specifications of waist string, moderately wide silhouette is attractive.

Shirts and two piece set style are also recommended.

BLUE BLUE Cotton Hemp satin-back crepe Utility Trousers

Introducing Utility Trousers made of Material hemp from BLUE BLUE.

With reference to the utility pants widely used in the military, we added a gusset to the characteristic out pocket to make it more convenient to use.
The fabric is made of hemp, which absorbs water quickly and has excellent strength, and is made of satin-back crepe, which gives a feeling of unevenness and a rough atmosphere.

Place a hidden pocket that just fits your smartphone.

In addition, the flap of the back pocket has been removed on only one side so that bandana etc. can be easily inserted.

waist string are applied so that it can be worn even without a belt, and the specifications match the modern style.

BLUE BLUE cotton hemp hickory denim combination cap

Introducing BLUE BLUE 's new original cap.

The top is a hemp-blended hickory fabric, and the visor is a baseball cap using original denim.

Original Selvedge rubber is applied to the inside, making it a comfortable fit with a wide range of sizes.

By washing, the indigo stripes and denim visor will fade and you can enjoy aging.

The Points is the casual piss name that is full of BLUE BLUE.

BLUE BLUE rope knot series

A series of printed rope work, which is indispensable for navigation, is available, which is reminiscent of NAVY, marine, and work, which are the themes of BLUE BLUE.
This is a basic Hawaiian shirt with a silhouette that looks neat even for older people.

Rough touch like drawing by hand, print misalignment at the time of hand printing, etc. are intentionally expressed, and the finish has a simple taste. It is also characterized by its familiarity with the skin and the rough texture of hemp.

Shorts with a loose silhouette with tuck. It is also recommended to wear it in a two piece set with a shirt.

The women's Hawaiian shirt has a feminine and relaxed silhouette with basic detail and drop shoulders.

Made from a blend of linen, Material and Tencel, the rough texture of hemp and the moderately thick feel of Tencel are familiar to the skin and are perfect for hot summer days.

BLUE BLUE cotton hemp satin-back crepe utility skirt

BLUE BLUE introduces a utility skirt made of cotton hemp Material.

A skirt with the motif of utility pants that are widely used in the military.

It has a flared silhouette with a moderate spread.

The fabric is made of hemp, which absorbs water quickly and has excellent strength, and is made of satin-back crepe, which gives a feeling of unevenness and a rough atmosphere.

The Points is the casually decorated piss name and logo.

BLUE BLUE cotton nylon BB emblem training shorts

Training shorts made of cotton Material are available from BLUE BLUE.

The weather fabric made of cotton Material uses hollow fibers, which makes it lighter and lighter than it looks.

In addition, it has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties, and has UV protection, heat shielding effect, and cool contact function, so it promises comfortable wearing even in hot summer.

With a pocket on the back that can also store a smartphone.

The left hem is embroidered with the BB emblem, making it a simple yet style Points.

BLUE BLUE denim inlay pocket T-shirt

BLUE BLUEよりデニムインレイ ポケットTシャツのご紹介です。


デニム生地のように着込んで洗いをかけていくことで経年変化を楽しめるBLUE BLUEらしいTシャツです。

BLUE BLUE Super Heavy plain stitch Half Sleeve Pocket Basque Shirt

A half-sleeved pocket made of a heavy tenko, like the fabric of a vintage rugby shirt BLUE BLUE T-shirts has arrived.

It is a durable fabric that is strong against washing and does not get twisted, so you can use it for a long time.

The boat neck design does not open the neck too much, so it is easy to wear, but you can also feel the marine taste.

The Points is the wide silhouette of the loose eyes and the difference between the front and back due to the side slits.

BLUE BLUE Zimbabwe Cotton Indigo Slab horizontal stripe T-shirt

Slab horizontal stripe T-shirts made by dyeing Zimbabwe cotton with indigo are available from BLUE BLUE.



I chose a simple pocket T-shirts to take advantage of the goodness of the Material.

BLUE BLUE Cotton Linen Chino Cloth Tuck Pants Women's

BLUE BLUE introduces new WOMEN'S pants.
Tuck pants made of tightly packed and firm cotton linen chino cloth have a moderate luster, a refreshing feeling, and a light Material.

By adding a tack, there is a moderate amount of space around the hips.

The silhouette is not too wide and is easy to match with any Tops.

BLUE BLUE Color Denim Utility Trousers

Introducing utility pants using 10 ounces of color denim from BLUE BLUE.
The denim with a moderately spacious silhouette and just the right flesh is easy to wear all year round.

We also paid particular attention to ease of use, such as the elastic waist on the back and the zippered pocket on the front pocket.

BLUE BLUE handle rope denim tote bag

Handle rope tote bags are available from BLUE BLUE.
A large tote bag made of original denim and canvas with a thick rope reminiscent of the sea.

The BLUE logo is represented by twine.

With a convenient inner pocket. The casual patch is also a Points.

It is a convenient size that even men can hang on their shoulders.

BLUE BLUE 6oz denim stand‐up collar pigment dye jail shirt

stand‐up collar shirt jackets are available from BLUE BLUE.

Pigmented with a simple jail shirt as a motif.

As the name implies, a jail shirt is a thin shirt worn by JAIL (prison) prisoners while in prison.

The Points is the pockets arranged asymmetrically.


BLUE BLUE Indian Indigo Slab Series

Indigo original shirts using the Ikat technique have arrived from BLUE BLUE.

This is a work shirt-based flannel check shirt. The Points is a simple 2 pockets with flap.

It is a silhouette that has a moderate amount of space and can be used in any style. The hem is a shirt tail with a slightly rounded shape, so it is recommended to wear it layered with a casual jacket.

This is a basic work shirt made of chambray Material. It's a simple style, but the fabric is unique, so you can wear it as a single piece.

Ikat is a traditional technique that has been practiced in India for a long time. Ikat intentionally expresses the dyed and undyed parts by "wrapping" them, but the change in color that is unique to indigo dyeing is expressed in a tasty manner.
By repeatedly wearing it, you can enjoy the secular variation that the color of indigo disappears and the texture of the dye becomes richer.

BLUE BLUE horizontal stripe & Striped Print T-shirts

T-shirts with original marine horizontal stripe and multi-stripes printed on them are available from BLUE BLUE.

Stripes and horizontal stripe are applied with pigment print to the cotton plain fabric, which is characterized by its moderate thickness, unique crispness, and soft texture.

The relaxed silhouette with a little space is also attractive.

I am looking forward to aging the pigment prints over time.

BLUE BLUE Natural stripe

Introducing striped shirts and dresses with a more classic look than BLUE BLUE.

Two colors, NATURAL, which has a chic impression of stripes dyed with indigo dye on the base, and BLUE, which has a chambray-like hue.

In particular, NATURAL has a richly expressive texture due to the dobby weave.

A shirt dress with a relaxed silhouette that is comfortable and casual. It has a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of tack on the back.

Points shirt with a long length that looks like a Euro vintage. It looks like a pullover, but because it is a fully open specification, you can open the front and wear it like a haori.

BLUE BLUE cord lane shawl collar jacket

A jacket made from spring-like cord lane fabric based on the shawl color chore coat used by the US NAVY for prisoners around the 1940s.

Military-derived workwear, hook vents, round cuts, etc.

The jacket is fully lined and has a blazer-like image.

Coordinating the two piece set with painter pants of the same fabric is also recommended.


SOUTHERN MF CO. ・ Long sleeve T-shirts using dry touch heavy woven fabric made by USA has arrived from BLUE BLUE.

A collaboration between the USA-made heritage line and BLUE BLUE, which is a reproduction of the RUSSELL ATHLETIC sports line SOUTHERN MANUFACTURING CO. That existed in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Points is the college logo with a soaked print that you can enjoy aging.

The loose silhouette can be worn regardless of gender.

BLUE BLUE B patch baseball cap

Denim baseball caps with original B emblems are available from BLUE BLUE.

With the type of light denim that you can enjoy the aging of denim

We have prepared two types of cotton linen denim.

The three-dimensional B emblem is impressive.

The inside is decorated with original Selvedge rubber for a comfortable fit.

Yonetomi x BLUE BLUE Wave Cotton Panel horizontal stripe Basque Sweater

Introducing the long-established knit maker "Yonetomi Textile" and BLUE BLUE Basque Sweater.
The horizontal stripe Basque shirt, which was born in the Basque Country that straddles France and Spain, is expressed with modern knit technology.

Uses original yarn that is strong against washing due to its texture surface and dry touch, and has a Material that can be worn all year round.

It is durable and firm, but it is also comfortable to wear with the elasticity peculiar to knitwear.

This is the new color "ROYAL BLUE" from this term.

BLUE BLUE Brushed Back Indigo Utility Jogger Pants

BLUE BLUE 's popular item "Utility Jogger Pants" has been added with two INDIGO colors with brushed back.
The front side features denim-like indigo, and the back side features a sweat fabric-like brushed double-woven fabric.

A soft, brushed lining that resembles a sweat fabric with high heat retention.

The slender, clean silhouette creates a wide range of styling.

Furthermore, by wearing it, you can enjoy the secular change peculiar to indigo dyeing like jeans.

The fine detail that are packed with attention are also attractive.

The Lost denim

A limited number of original denim dead stocks have arrived.

From left: PP6 black denim flared jeans, PP8 black denim slim jeans, PP5XX black denim straight jeans

PS54 light denim western shirt.

The milky white snap fastener is attractive.

PS44 light denim 2-pocket work shirt.
It is the first place that has a lot of attention to detail in its simplicity, such as a generous size and the specifications of the strips on the cuffs.

BLUE BLUE light denim 3B eagle patch jacket

A lapel-shaped work jacket using original denim.

By making it a loose silhouette, it is easy to layer and it is a jacket that is easy to use as a light outerwear in spring.

I was particular about the natural discoloration that I wore for many years.

The Points is the original patch with a vintage emblem as a motif.

BLUE BLUE denim wallet & card case

Long wallet and card case using original denim.

A simple long wallet that can store bills and cards using original denim for the outer material. Since it is not thick and soft, it can be stored smartly in a jacket or pants pocket.

It's a simple design in which denim is layered and sewn together, but we paid particular attention to fine detail such as changing the stitch movement and using Selvedge as an accent.
The more you use it, the more it changes from dark blue to light blue, and you can enjoy aging.

RUSSELL BLUEBLUE Bulldog crew neck sweat fabric

crew neck sweat fabric from the collaboration series of RUSSELL and BLUE BLUE.

Made of cotton and recycled polyester 50/50 sustainable fleece Material.

The bulldog in a college mascot-style sailor suit was printed using the color flock print technique, which is soaring in price in the vintage market.

TAION BLUE BLUE light denim chore coat

A denim chore coat lined with the inner down of TAION x BLUE BLUE, which was custom-ordered for the inner down brand "TAION" from Japan.

Although it is a basic chore coat that you will never get tired of, the removable liner has excellent heat retention in the image of the original bandana pattern and military liner. The liner itself can be worn reversibly, making it a playful piece that can be worn in a variety of environments.