BLUE BLUE JAPAN Geometric Namigashira Relax Shirt

Introducing the new relaxing shirt from BLUE BLUE JAPAN.
We use indigo gauze, which is popular for its soft gauze touch and well-ventilated, silky comfort.

The geometric wave crest pattern is expressed by bleach based on two colors, dark and light.

An over-Points shirt with a small collar.

Recommended for a moderately relaxed style without becoming too loose.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Indigo mesh nenrin patchwork jacket

The new 2022 spring jacket of the popular "nenrin patchwork Jacket" from BLUE BLUE JAPAN has arrived.

It expresses the "annual rings" that have been carefully worn for many years by applying various indigo fabrics.

The outer material uses a fabric woven in a mesh shape with indigo yarn.

A comfortable Cardigans jacket that uses indigo yarn dyed on the back and is filled with a soft cut-and-sew fabric like gauze.

stitch by hand and reinforced cloth is added to create a texture that looks like it has been worn for many years.


Introducing new items with the motif of "Sakura", which can be said to be the face of BLUE BLUE JAPAN.

This season, the branches of cherry blossoms are represented by silhouettes and finished in a modern pattern with sharp edges. Pink is a design that makes a gorgeous cherry blossom color stand out against a warm gray background.

The indigo color is hand-printed with natural Indian indigo, and the unevenness like gradation is beautiful and the texture is different one by one.

A kimono-shaped length with a generous width that is not too long. Depending on the position where the string is tied, it can be worn in a one-piece style or in a haori coat, allowing you to change the atmosphere.

There is also a soft and transparent Material cupra chiffon scarf.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Jaguar kagozome dye

A series of floral fabrics woven on a jacquard loom kagozome dye with a navy dye.
It is a thin and light Material, but it has a three-dimensional effect and is a powerful cut jacquard using the Material woven in Kiryu, Gunma prefecture, which is known for producing jacquard.

The short cut thread is made of polyester, so it is not dyed with dye, and the white and navy floral pattern that stands out is a mysterious Material like a painting.

Short Tops with wide open sides. Buttons are attached to the hem to change the silhouette. It can be worn either front or back, expanding the range of dressing.

The pants have elastic and waist string on the waist for a relaxed fit, and the beautiful silhouette that falls straight from the hips to the hem and the piping on the hem and pockets give an elegant impression.
It is also recommended to wear it in a two piece set that matches the Tops.

A sharp pull dress with piping on the sides, Points and vertical lines. It is packed with commitments such as a gusset attached to the side so that the square silhouette is kept.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN honnai Love Sashiko Series

Introducing the new honnai Love Sashiko series from BLUE BLUE JAPAN.

A women's jacket with a thin Material that is light to wear and has a generous width and sleeves for easy layering.

The white lining, piping and frog buttons accentuate the Material.

The vest has plenty of space in the armholes and is easy to layer. If you close all the buttons on the front, you can add an accent to the V zone as a jacket jacket.

Using cotton yarn dyed with natural indigo, the pattern woven like a sashiko on a dobby loom becomes a grain of uneven thickness by using white slab yarn and looks like Kasuri.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Nylon Nanameshimashibori

Introducing the new spring work "Nylon Nanameshimashibori Series" from BLUE BLUE JAPAN.
This is a coat with a loose silhouette that catches the wind. The lining of the sleeves and back uses a mesh Material for a silky and comfortable fit.

Each sax blue nylon Material is shibori by hand by a craftsman. Although it is a bold pattern, you can feel the softness of hand shibori.

Since the stripes are inserted diagonally, the squeezing distance is long and labor and skill are required. No single shibori pattern has the same line, and the thickness and spacing of the shibori are different.

The vest that makes use of the thin Material is used as an inner vest at the beginning of spring when the cold still remains, and as a haori from the top of the cut-and-sew from spring to early summer.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Fujito Sakura Photo Print T-shirts

T-shirts with the motif of Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms, which are the faces of BLUE BLUE JAPAN, have arrived this year as well.
This season, it is a bold T-shirts with a photo printed on the entire front surface by inkjet.

Inspired by the photo print T-shirts found in the vintage of the 70's. The vivid colors make it a Points to wear inside the jacket.

The print is only on the front and the back is plain.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Compressed Wool Koushigara Series

Introducing new items for the fall / winter 2021 using the classic Material "compressed wool" from BLUE BLUE JAPAN.
Since the wool jersey is crimped, it has a good reputation as a soft and comfortable Material with stretch.

There are two colors, D NAVY and GRAY. D NAVY is also woven in a checkered pattern, but the Points is that it looks plain because it is woven with threads of the same color.

The lattice-like pattern is inspired by the four-knit stitch, which is a type of bamboo weaving, and has been said to have the meaning of amulet.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Indigo Cotton jacquard

A knit jacquard knitted using two techniques, plating knitting and links knitting. The unevenness created by the Lynx knitting that returns the front and back stitches to the plating knitting that aligns the indigo yarn and the dark navy cotton acrylic yarn is characteristic.

The soft striped pattern that looks like it was written by hand is an original pattern with the image of a tiger. The white inside of the indigo thread looks like a heather, giving it a deep texture.

Two types of knit vest with a large armhole and a thin and light long-sleeved T-shirts-like knit pullover.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Indigo plain weave nenrin patchwork Watari chore coat

The "nenrin patchwork" series, which is also familiar as the face of BLUE BLUE JAPAN.

In the Edo period, kimonos were "cotton-filled" to survive the cold of winter. One kimono is reworked according to the season, and if a hole is made, it is repaired by hand and will continue to be worn for many years.

A thin cotton pad is put inside to give such a texture, and a lot of fittings and hand stitch are applied.

Corduroy is used for the collar, and the width of the body is a loose chore coat.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Yamamichi Robbing Tweed

"BLUE BLUE JAPAN" Uses a new Material that is a mixture of classic roving wool and Shetland wool. It has a clean and sophisticated impression while maintaining its light and warm texture.

Weaving a zigzag mountain road with a dobby loom, the pattern is as good as the volume of the Material.

The bore inside the pocket is warm without gloves.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Flatis Wet Tezome Pull Hoody

The front is made of cotton and the back is made of thick cotton acrylic brushed sweat fabric Material. Each one is hand-dyed into indigo, so you can enjoy deep color and aging. A comfortable crew neck sweat fabric with pockets on the waist that make use of switching. raglan sleeve sleeves for a relaxed fit.