BLUE BLUE Selvedge rib crew socks

Introducing the new lined rib socks from BLUE BLUE.

It features a line that expresses the "red selvage" found on the edges of denim woven by old-fashioned shuttle looms.

By knitting with threads of several colors, it expresses a deep color like denim.

The ribbed knitting makes it a soft fit that fits reasonably well.

JOJO beach sandals

A completely new shape of sandals "JOJO" has arrived, which was newly drawn by the long-established footwear master "Naito" in Gion, Kyoto, with universal functionality and structural beauty.
Carefully selected Material are used for each part so that you can continue to wear it for a long time. By pursuing comfort, the problem of sandals that "get tired when worn for a long time" has been greatly reduced. It is an attractive collection that combines not only functionality but also high design.

This is the 2022 OKURA bespoke item "kagozome dye" type.
JOJO sandals This item is made from the classic cork insole with navy blue.

The original fabric "kagozome dye", which is also used in BLUE BLUE JAPAN products in spring and summer, is used for the flowers.

"JAPANESE PAPER" is a black and astringent dish.

The insole is made based on Japanese paper, and it has a smooth Material and there is little contact patch with the skin, so you can wear it coolly. Linen Material is used for the flower cord, which is characterized by a cool Material.

FIT FOR mesh football T-shirts & wide box T-shirts

Introducing new items from "FIT FOR", which aims to be a brand that supports people's physical and mental stability.

Football T-shirts and wide box T-shirts equipped with "viral off processing" that reduces viruses and prevents odors caused by bacteria so that you can protect yourself in various environments.

Viral-off processing is a processing technology based on silver ions that reduces specific viruses on fibers. Viral-off processing helps reduce the risk of textile-borne infections.

You can enjoy aging because it is made of durable fabric that is hard to twist so that you can wear it for a long time and is strong against washing.

BLUE BLUE stretch Waffle Teleco BB Emblem

BLUE BLUE, Tops of Points fabric with original emblem are available.

Specializing in elasticity, the knitting of span teleco with excellent kickback has been improved, and a special knitted fabric with a waffle-like texture has been adopted. In addition to the stretch comfort, the waffle knitting is also comfortable to the touch.

WOMEN'S is a sleeveless type that is easy to layer even one piece. The balance between the large rounded hem and the tunic length gives the impression of a slim style.

MEN'S is a basic and timeless pocket T-shirts type. A casual emblem shines in a simple structure.

The gold embroidery reminiscent of a college-style emblem is attractive.

TOLL FREE Tallboy print tote bag

A new product has been added to the TOLL FREE logo tote bag series.

The pop design with a large print of the original character "TOLL BOY" that TOLL FREE used for tags etc. is attractive.

As with the previous logo tote bags, the fabric is made in 5 colors including NAVY, RED, NATURAL double gauze, OLIVE thread, and BLACK thread in new colors.

The size is basic and easy to use daily, so even men can hang it from their shoulders.

BLUE BLUE Cotton Linen Prepeller open collar Shirt & relaxed pants

Introducing open collar shirts and relaxed pants made from prepeller fabric from BLUE BLUE.

It is a plain but uneven surface, and it is a prepeller fabric that shows various texture by adding a difference in concentration to the warp and weft threads to create shadows. The Material is a blend of cotton and linen, which makes it easy to remove from the skin and is suitable for the hot season.

The open collar shirt has a relaxed silhouette with plenty of width.

relaxed pants of the same Material.

Easy specifications of waist string, moderately wide silhouette is attractive.

Shirts and two piece set style are also recommended.

HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET dot frame Cactus print T-shirts

New print T-shirts from HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET have arrived.

The nostalgic print with desert and cactus arranged in a dot pattern frame is attractive.

In the atmosphere where the cowboy silhouette that bonfires was applied by reversal emerges.

The earth-colored body that matches the pattern with a big impact is also a Points.

REELL reflex pants

The popular REEL reflex pants series has arrived.
REELL is a brand established in 1997 in Kranenburg, Germany. Based on innovative and reliable manufacturing, we are developing a simple and clean collection.

As it is a mixed fabric of 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane, it is characterized by its elasticity and elasticity. Thanks to its elasticity, it is hard to wrinkle, and the softness peculiar to cotton is also attractive. Therefore, it is one of the many repeat customers.

We also have a wide variety of silhouettes.
From the left, loose chino pants, reflex rib pants, rib cargo pants, and reflex 2 pants.

The Points is the casually arranged piss name.

RED KAP Industrial Work Shirt

Work shirts that have been resized to a shorter length than RED KAP have arrived in a wide variety of colors.

RED KAP was founded in 1923 as a company that manufactures and sells overalls. Today, it is a representative manufacturer of workwear from the world's top companies.

Uses 4.25 ounces of poplin dough. It is characterized by its high color retention and durability. The left chest pocket has a stopper for inserting the pen straight.

Not only the size and atmosphere peculiar to work shirts, but also the texture of poly-blended fabric is attractive, this shirt is perfect for the coming season.

BLUE BLUE Cotton Hemp satin-back crepe Utility Trousers

Introducing Utility Trousers made of Material hemp from BLUE BLUE.

With reference to the utility pants widely used in the military, we added a gusset to the characteristic out pocket to make it more convenient to use.
The fabric is made of hemp, which absorbs water quickly and has excellent strength, and is made of satin-back crepe, which gives a feeling of unevenness and a rough atmosphere.

Place a hidden pocket that just fits your smartphone.

In addition, the flap of the back pocket has been removed on only one side so that bandana etc. can be easily inserted.

waist string are applied so that it can be worn even without a belt, and the specifications match the modern style.

BLUE BLUE cotton hemp hickory denim combination cap

Introducing BLUE BLUE 's new original cap.

The top is a hemp-blended hickory fabric, and the visor is a baseball cap using original denim.

Original Selvedge rubber is applied to the inside, making it a comfortable fit with a wide range of sizes.

By washing, the indigo stripes and denim visor will fade and you can enjoy aging.

The Points is the casual piss name that is full of BLUE BLUE.

BLUE BLUE rope knot series

A series of printed rope work, which is indispensable for navigation, is available, which is reminiscent of NAVY, marine, and work, which are the themes of BLUE BLUE.
This is a basic Hawaiian shirt with a silhouette that looks neat even for older people.

Rough touch like drawing by hand, print misalignment at the time of hand printing, etc. are intentionally expressed, and the finish has a simple taste. It is also characterized by its familiarity with the skin and the rough texture of hemp.

Shorts with a loose silhouette with tuck. It is also recommended to wear it in a two piece set with a shirt.

The women's Hawaiian shirt has a feminine and relaxed silhouette with basic detail and drop shoulders.

Made from a blend of linen, Material and Tencel, the rough texture of hemp and the moderately thick feel of Tencel are familiar to the skin and are perfect for hot summer days.

KLEVAY PAPER SIGN She Chinp T-shirts

Many printed T-shirts and sweat fabric have arrived from KLEVAY PAPER SIGN.
KLEVAY PAPER SIGN is developing a collection that incorporates the artwork of Los Angeles-based artist Ben Klevay.

This is a series of prints of the work of Ben Klevay's project "She Chimp".

Ben Klevay grew up with parents of an art teacher and a furniture craftsman, and then studied design at Kent State University.

His work, which listens to records and likes VHS footage, is timeless and gives you a sense of good old USA.

All the sign paints in bright colors are handwritten, and the artist is attractive for his nostalgic works that make you feel good old USA.

SANDERS Gilly Shoes & Military Sandals

Leather shoes from the military collection have arrived from SANDERS.
The upper is made of polished leather. It has a glossy feel and is not easily scratched or soiled. After brushing, polish it with a soft cloth soaked in a small amount of water to maintain the glossy feel. It's easy to clean, so it's also recommended for those who are new to leather shoes.

[Gilly shoes]
While retaining the country-like feel, the design is attractive because it is easy to incorporate into everyday style.

In the military collection, the design around the wavy eyelets peculiar to Gilly is finished with a face that shines considerably more individuality than ordinary lace shoes.

[Military sandals]
A model featuring a T-strap. Not to mention the style that is not too casual with shorts in the summer, the wide range that can be used with socks until autumn and winter is an item that combines the advantages of leather shoes and sandals.

The T-strap holds the entire foot firmly, while the elegance not found in ordinary sandals is eye-catching.


New print shirts have arrived from PORTUGUESE Flannel.

PORTUGUESE Flannel is a brand founded in 2014 by the "Antonio" and "Manuel" brothers, who have gained experience in a long-established fabric manufacturer in Guimaranis, North Portugal.

The fabric is smooth and comfortable to the touch, and is made by the traditional method of carefully brushing and then laying it down, using carefully selected threads to increase durability.

The wisdom, passion, and tradition gained from many years of experience unique to a long-established fabric manufacturer are being conveyed to the present.


ATHLETIC KNITよりホッケージャージーのご紹介です。
ATHLETIC KNIT(アスレチック ニット)は、カナダのプレミアムチームユニフォームのリードメーカー。1962年の創業以来、自社製のファブリックは50年以上愛され続けています。




BLUE BLUE cotton hemp satin-back crepe utility skirt

BLUE BLUE introduces a utility skirt made of cotton hemp Material.

A skirt with the motif of utility pants that are widely used in the military.

It has a flared silhouette with a moderate spread.

The fabric is made of hemp, which absorbs water quickly and has excellent strength, and is made of satin-back crepe, which gives a feeling of unevenness and a rough atmosphere.

The Points is the casually decorated piss name and logo.