KRAKATAU DSUP Technical Parka

KRAKATAU is a brand that started in 1999 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Based on the functionality-oriented manufacturing that assumes the harsh winter of Russia, it features a basic design that is easy to match with various styles.
It is a waterproof hoodie that is simple but has various specifications hidden and features a silhouette that suppresses the feeling of volume.

The outer material is made of a soft, waterproof, breathable 3-layer fabric with a membrane, and the lining uses a silver thread thermal mesh that reflects the heat of the body and promises high heat retention.

・ Inner strap for hanging on the shoulder
・ Hand warm rib specifications with elastic cuffs with thumb holes
・ Front closure with zipper and windbreak placket with snap

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Indigo plain weave nenrin patchwork Watari chore coat

The "nenrin patchwork" series, which is also familiar as the face of BLUE BLUE JAPAN.

In the Edo period, kimonos were "cotton-filled" to survive the cold of winter. One kimono is reworked according to the season, and if a hole is made, it is repaired by hand and will continue to be worn for many years.

A thin cotton pad is put inside to give such a texture, and a lot of fittings and hand stitch are applied.

Corduroy is used for the collar, and the width of the body is a loose chore coat.


Introducing the popular Heart Smile H series from Seilin & Co. original accessories.

The Points is a simple yet playful design with the "H" logo of "HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET" on one eye of the heart-shaped smiley mark.

It is easy to incorporate into styling, and it is a discerning item that can be worn by both men and women.


This is the original calendar of 2022 HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET, which is popular every year.

The photo can be cut out at the perforation and used as a postcard or bookmark.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Yamamichi Robbing Tweed

"BLUE BLUE JAPAN" Uses a new Material that is a mixture of classic roving wool and Shetland wool. It has a clean and sophisticated impression while maintaining its light and warm texture.

Weaving a zigzag mountain road with a dobby loom, the pattern is as good as the volume of the Material.

The bore inside the pocket is warm without gloves.

TOWNCRAFT Shaggy Solid Cardigans

TOWN CRAFT is one of JC PENNY's original brands and has been in operation since 1927. Unlike the company's work brand BIGMAC, which was created with an emphasis on functionality and without waste, it was packed with everyday life and fashion in the USA at that time. All of the items currently available are currently previewed based on the 1950s and 1970s.

This Cardigans is made and sized so that it can be worn even in unisex, and is characterized by a soft, warm and gentle touch made of acrylic Material.

HAAN hand cleansing spray

"HAAN" is a disinfectant spray from Spain that was born in 2019.
We are also working on environmental conservation using 100% recyclable resin bottles produced in Barcelona, Spain.

Aloe vera, which is naturally derived and has a moisturizing effect, is added to prevent the hands from drying out due to the effect of 65% alcohol.

Seven types of fragrances to choose from and a colorful and compact disinfectant spray are easy to carry around and protect your hands and fingers from viruses and germs.

RUSSELL BLUEBLUE Bulldog crew neck sweat fabric

crew neck sweat fabric from the collaboration series of RUSSELL and BLUE BLUE.

Made of cotton and recycled polyester 50/50 sustainable fleece Material.

The bulldog in a college mascot-style sailor suit was printed using the color flock print technique, which is soaring in price in the vintage market.

TAION BLUE BLUE light denim chore coat

A denim chore coat lined with the inner down of TAION x BLUE BLUE, which was custom-ordered for the inner down brand "TAION" from Japan.

Although it is a basic chore coat that you will never get tired of, the removable liner has excellent heat retention in the image of the original bandana pattern and military liner. The liner itself can be worn reversibly, making it a playful piece that can be worn in a variety of environments.

HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET corduroy boa tracker jacket

A classic outer boa jacket for fall and winter. I used texture with a dry touch and a moderate unevenness.
Furthermore, it has a nice texture by finishing it with a washed-out finish. It is an item that is easy to wear in a wide range of style by incorporating it into universal detail.

MONITALY McKino-Double Duffle Coat Wool Flannel

A style coat that combines a mackinow coat and a duffle coat, which are indispensable when talking about vintage military. Wool flannel, which is lightweight, soft and has excellent heat retention, is used for the fabric. The shoulders and sleeves are double-layered for excellent protection against the cold.

The chin strap and front closure are made with strong military spec tubular nylon webbing and buckle specifications, and the coat is made with attention to detail.

YALE Hand Logo Sweater

YALE UNIVERSITY is a private university founded in 1701 with its headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
It is also one of eight universities in the Ivy League, a group of prestigious universities in the eastern USA.
YALE UNIVERSITY, which can be said to be a symbol of USA college style, is a brand license that will continue to attract attention in the fashion scene and as one of the lifestyles.

HIGH! STANDARD Embroidery 14oz SWEAT

The USA sweat fabric series of MADE IN LA has arrived from High Standard.
The sleeves are casually embroidered with the acronym "S" for STANDARD.
The 14-ounce thick brushed back heavy sweat fabric Material a unique USA feel.

PORTER CLASSIC weather down shirt jacket

A new weather down shirt jacket from PORTER CLASSIC is now available.
The middle length is well-balanced, and the big D pocket on the left chest is the center, and the accessory case is also on the right chest.
Loose patch pockets are on both sides, and the inner pocket is also at the heart, realizing a utility that does not require a bag.


Epperson Mountaineering is an outdoor brand that represents the West Coast of the USA, which was born in San Jose, California, with the primary purpose of "making the bag you really want" by the founder Mark Epperson.
"MADE IN USA" has been firmly protected since its founding, and the strong commitment to Material has been firmly inherited and continues to attract many fans.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Flatis Wet Tezome Pull Hoody

The front is made of cotton and the back is made of thick cotton acrylic brushed sweat fabric Material. Each one is hand-dyed into indigo, so you can enjoy deep color and aging. A comfortable crew neck sweat fabric with pockets on the waist that make use of switching. raglan sleeve sleeves for a relaxed fit.

HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET corduroy deck overalls

In the previous term, the US NAVY deck overalls developed with Light German Cloth fabric were replaced with corduroy fabric with a moderate unevenness. Made from polyester blend fabric, this overall has a crisp, dry and vintage feel. It is a fresh overall that is unlikely to have a combination of shape and fabric.

POLO RALPH LAUREN Recycled wool scarf

POLO RALPH LAUREN is a lifestyle brand founded in the USA in 1967. It is a central brand of USA trad and ivy fashion, which is an USA style of traditional British fashion. Recycled wool scarf with simple pony embroidery is an item that will be useful in various scenes such as commuting, school, and town use.


Hand-stitch prints on the collar, cuffs and pockets. In addition, the emblem sewn by hand with seamstresses texture enhances the warmth. Porter Classic This special collection, expressed in the popular ALOHA series, is a collection that people of all ages, genders and generations should love.