Information on sales guidelines at stores due to the spread of new coronavirus infection

[Initiatives at stores]

● We will operate with a minimum number of staff.
● We will continue to operate by shortening the time.
● Admission will be restricted so that the store is not crowded.
● During work, we will thoroughly prevent droplet infections by wearing masks and face shields.
● Frequently disinfect doorknobs and handrails inside the store that customers and staff may touch.
● In the store, the windows and doors are opened regularly to replace the air.
● Steam is applied to the products after fitting to ensure that the products are kept clean.
● The staff wearing face shields, masks, and gloves will measure the hem adjustment.
● At the cash register, we prepare disinfectants for customers and staff, disinfect hands before and after checkout, and
(In the case of credit card payment) Thorough disinfection of CAT terminals.
● Avoid handing over money and cards as much as possible, and place them in the cash tray.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Seilin & Co.