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HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases

Favorite purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
We have picked up new items.
Recommended Points and advice on how to dress
Please refer to it.

Size selection is also a classic shorts

  • Recently, I style so this time I tried to put it together in all black and chic.

  • Small items such as watches often match with high-impact designs.

  • The difference in size is also the Points style The impression given to the surroundings changes greatly just by changing one size. This BLACK is L size choice.

  • I've been using the SCARLET color for several years, and it's in good condition when it's freshly grated, but I personally like the texture and the color of old clothes that I've worn and washed repeatedly. By the way, the size is M size.

  • summer corduroy shorts, a summer staple of the Hollywood Lunch Market. The fabric is made of cotton polyester and has a classical atmosphere.
    It dries quickly and has excellent durability. Points is the casual "H" embroidery.

SIZE: L / Height: 172cm summer corduroy Current beach corduroy shorts ¥ 13,200 (tax included)
1 / 5

Seasonless camisole dress

  • The sleeveless inner and mesh bag make it a summery casual style.

  • Since the delicate shoulder strap has an adjuster, the length can be adjusted, and it corresponds to a wide range of heights.
    With a slightly glossy texture, it is also recommended for going away.

  • This dress is cute with a self-fabric walnut button on the back.

  • The camisole is a very convenient item because it can be used regardless of the season depending on the outfit. This is a thin fabric so you can wear it from early spring to early autumn. When it gets chilly, I would like to wear long sleeves as an inner or wear a hoodie on top.

  • A camisole dress with a delicate strap and long length that looks like an adult.
    It is an A-line silhouette that spreads toward the hem, which makes it difficult to pick up the body line. The linen Material gives a cool impression, and it is an item that can be worn easily depending on the inner.

SIZE: ONE / Height: 162cm lyocell Lamy Back Button Camisole Dress ¥ 19,250 (tax included)
1 / 5

Name pants that cannot be replaced

  • This time, I tried to match the feel so good stretch and feel good to the touch, with a white shirt.

  • tapered has a slacks-like silhouette, but it features a bright green that is often seen in European military.

  • I often ride a bicycle, so I was surprised at its high functionality.

  • These pants are irreplaceable in both name and reality, and can be worn with beautiful eyes or ruggedly masculine.

  • stretch just is worked length pants. Since the back side is piled, it has excellent hygroscopicity and breathability, and since it is a light and wrinkle-resistant Material, it can be rolled up and put in a bag for easy carrying. Choosing a type because the waist is very expansion and contraction fit easy to move in, just feel so good is the pants.

SIZE: S / Height: 169cm feel so good length Pants ¥ 15,400 (tax included)
1 / 5