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HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET Staff Personal Purchases

We have picked up your favorite new items purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
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Favorite purchased by the staff of Seilin & Co.
We have picked up new items.
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Free styling for the mood of the day

  • It was decided promptly because it was a bespoke order for "TAION", which is famous as an inner down brand!

  • By matching flared jeans with the middle length of the chore coat and adding a sharp silhouette, you can create a slightly different denim style. I put a beige color on my feet to give it a soft impression overall.

  • The lining is removable and reversible, so you can freely style it according to the mood of the day. I always look forward to thinking about how to wear it.

  • The inner down is lined, so I'm happy that the chore coat can be used as an outerwear in the middle of winter.

  • Although it is a basic chore coat that you will never get tired of, the removable liner has excellent heat retention with the image of the original bandana pattern and military liner. The liner itself can be worn reversibly, making it a playful piece that can be worn in a variety of environments.

SIZE: M / Height: 164cm TAION BLUE BLUE Light denim chore coat ¥ 44,000 (tax included)
1 / 5

A very well-balanced coat everywhere

  • The color and pattern were a strike. I really like the combination of golden brown and dark blue, especially this fabric is not sticky but deep because the brown part is twisted with top-like Shetland wool and golden brown roving wool.

  • It is a long coat of roving wool that comes out as a standard, but this year it has a shetland wool and the texture is crispy, so it has a cleaner impression than usual. The silhouette has been upgraded to a powerful coat with a large volume added to the hem width and sleeves.

  • The button position of the double skirt is also low and it is very well balanced.

  • I especially like the Material of the navy, which has a crisp color and doesn't feel the tweed's unfashionable feel. The inside of the pocket is a boa and it is very comfortable to wear.

  • "BLUE BLUE JAPAN Material that mixes Shetland wool with the classic roving wool. It has a clean and sophisticated impression while maintaining its light and warm texture. Weaving a zigzag mountain road with a dobby loom, the pattern is as good as the volume of Material The shawl-colored long coat is warm from around the collar to your feet when you close the button on the collar, and the bore inside the pocket is warm without gloves.

SIZE: S / Height: 168cm Yamamichi Robbing Tweed Coat Women's ¥ 66,000 (tax included)
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It also looks good in elegant styling
Climbing pants

  • This time, I tried to match it with elegant styling by making the best use of the silhouette and Material.

  • Although it is a beautiful tapered silhouette, it is also useful for me who is not good at slenderness because the rise is deep.

  • The strap belt that is easy to put on and take off is attractive.

  • Even when considering various style, it is often the case that the lower half of the body is unified in black.

  • Climbing pants with a moderate thickness and stretch function suitable for early autumn to early spring. The gusset on the inner thigh allows for a wide range of motion for the legs, and the three-dimensional knee design supports comfortable movement. An item that combines ease of movement with a slender, clean silhouette that creates a well-balanced style. With abundant color variations, it is easy to style, and you can enjoy it in various ways according to your styling.

SIZE: S / Height: 172cm Feel Saw Hot Climber Pants ¥ 17,600 (tax included)
1 / 5