Over time, collaboration by classmates has been realized
KUON x TAGS WK GPTY 1st collection "Stay Gold"

It's not so easy to make dreams come true or create something new with people you met when you were young. However, over time, various elements come together, and the created product has a unique story that fascinates many people. This time, we will focus on "KUON x TAGS WK GPTY", which has realized collaboration after nearly 20 years while spending the youth together. We would like to ask Mr. Shinichiro Ishibashi, a designer of KUON, how the relationship between the two brands led to the collaboration.

Collaboration between KUON centered on "Japonism" and TAGS WK GPTY that manipulates and expresses graphics

The sashiko is indigo dyed, mud dyed, and in modern times it is named "BORO", and modern Japanese Material and techniques such as cloth used from the Edo period to the postwar period are incorporated in a modern way, and attention is paid to its sustainable manufacturing. KUON gathers and TAGS WKGPTY that expresses liberating artistic and sharp message on graffiti.

While maintaining their own stance, the two brands are attracting attention from the fashion scene in Japan and overseas, but in reality, each designer is an alumni who shared a school building when he was a student. How did KUON designer Shinichiro Ishibashi and TAGS WKGPTY designer Yoshiaki Morioka, who have been friends for 18 years, come to collaborate? In addition, Mr. Ishibashi talked about the back side of the product that will be released.

A T-shirts with a graphic printed on the neck and back hem in the state of the product to give it a smoky texture stitch. The technique familiar to surfers and skaters of the 60's and 70's is accented. In addition, the 6 ounce and heavy weight fabric is tumbled to make it more clogged and thicker. Not only does it not show through even one sheet, it also reduces shrinkage after washing.

In their maturity and changes in the world
An inevitable chemical reaction that took place

― Mr. Ishibashi and Mr. Morioka got to know each other at Bunka Fashion College 18 years ago, and now they are making things under their respective brands while crossing over fashion, design and culture. And regarding this collaboration, please tell us about Mr. Ishibashi before asking about the background.

Shinichiro Ishibashi (Ishibashi) "While I was in Bunka Fashion College, I was very attracted to the techniques, techniques, and functionality of making things, and was interested in the roots of making clothes. But when I was a student, everyone was interested. I think so, but it was very difficult to get the things I wanted to make into the ideal shape, and I couldn't make the things I wanted at that time.
With that in mind, after graduating, I trained as a tailor, gained experience as a patterner at the Paris Fashion Week brand, and was also active as a freelance patterner.

After launching KUON in 2016, I had a little time to spare, but when I started going back and forth between Morioka-kun and each other's exhibitions, the exchange started again. Now, I'm one of my friends who can talk about each other's status, talk about child-rearing, talk about various hardships, and talk about work and private life. "

-Your friends in the same industry who can talk about work and private life are valuable.

Ishibashi: Well, after the exchange resumed, I started talking about manufacturing, but Mr. Morioka likes Japanese manufacturing technology and the aesthetic sense that resides there, and he has a deep knowledge of them. That's because Morioka's parents' home is "Kimono Tailoring Owariya," a long-established Japanese-style tailor that has continued since 1884.
Raised in a long-established Japanese-style tailor that Japan is proud of, he is very familiar with Material There are valuable books in my parents' house that I can't even find in the library, and when I was shown them, KUON's image source was born. "

Shorts with a deep rise, loose hips, and plenty of space around the hem for a relaxed mood. The graphic of "WOVEN SONG", which can be said to be a signature, is printed on the front, embodying a sense of omission and a stylish mood. Antibacterial and antiviral processing DEO FACTOR® Antivirus is applied, and hygiene is taken into consideration.

-It's very nice that the relationship between the two of you when you were a student still has a positive effect on each other. Then, please tell us how you came to this collaboration.

Ishibashi: Perhaps because we're getting older, we're talking about what our generation can do now and the connections between people that have changed due to corona.

Both I and Morioka have a common point of making things with pride in ideas, technologies, and Material. "If so, I would like to find fun by collaborating here and shaping what each other has experienced. It became a story. That is how a new collaboration was born this time. "

KUON classic leather adjuster with 6 panel cap. The symbolic "WOVEN SONG" is printed on the basic form, and the styling to be incorporated is demonstrated. Antibacterial and antiviral processing DEO FACTOR® Antivirus is applied, and hygiene is also taken into consideration.

-It feels like the time has come. Can you tell us about the product?

Ishibashi "Yes, this time the theme is" Friends, Bonds, Eternity (Future) ". From the youth movie" The Outsiders "made nearly 40 years ago and the theme song" Stay Gold "sung by Stevie Wonder. It's an inspiring collection. When translated literally as Stay Gold, it contains the best message that "gold does not fade", never loses its brilliance, and keeps shining, so print out the lyrics of that song. , I cut it into small pieces and woven it into warp and weft as the main graphic, and named it "WOVEN SONG".
I would like you to pay attention to the fact that "weaving characters" is a fusion of textiles, which KUON is good at, and graphics, which TAGS WKGPTY is good at.

We make shirts, T-shirts, shorts and accessories, and KUON is in charge of item patterns. Then, while exploring the relationship between the logo layout and patterns created by TAGS WKGPTY, I pursued the best balance and made things, but I was able to work on it with a playful feeling that made me feel like I was back in school.
By the way, the fabrics of the shorts, masks and caps are treated with antibacterial and antiviral processing DEO FACTOR® Antivirus, which is also handled by my classmates from the Bunka Fashion College era.

In an era when masks, which have become indispensable for epidemic prevention, can be selected as fashion items. The impactful "WOVEN SONG" print will update your outfit. fit the shape of the face of Asians, and the specifications that fix it on the back of the head reduce stress when wearing it. Antibacterial and antiviral processing DEO FACTOR® Antivirus is applied, and hygiene is taken into consideration.

This collaboration is that the time has matured and realized 18 years after the two met when they were young. The product, which was made while returning to the feelings of school days, incorporates the commitment and philosophy of the two brands everywhere.