This series features a loose silhouette using strong twisted chino cloth.
style of the same Material two piece set is also a recommended item.

It is a lapel type work jacket using strong twisted chino cloth. By making it a loose silhouette, it is easy to layer and it is a jacket that is easy to use as a light outerwear in spring. We also recommend style the two piece set with Chino Work Trousers made of the same Material.


Work trousers using strong twisted chino cloth. The straight and thick silhouette gives a classic impression, but the pockets on the one-sided edge and the side split specifications give it a reasonably clean look. Only the right waist has a double pocket. style the eagle patch jacket and two piece set of the same Material is also recommended.

A voluminous work cap made with strong twisted chino. The lining is embroidered with the original "B".