"We started by hand-sewn products centered on indigo, which gives a feeling of warmth. We feel the four seasons, focusing on the traditional Japanese technique of honnai dyeing, which is comfortable to wear and can be worn for many years. We make it while sticking to "MADE IN JAPAN" using the colors and Material that make it.
Cotton Kasuri Eye Print Series
A high-density, light cotton Material called a dump is printed with Indian indigo dye.
The wind is hard to pass as it is close to nylon and polyester,
The cotton that you put inside keeps the warm air that has accumulated.
Primaloft is used for the batting, which is said to be light and warm because the fibers are finer than down and contain air.

The pattern inspired by the Kasuri-ori kimono expresses a block check-like pattern by blurring it like a Kasuri.
You can feel the depth of indigo by arranging four indigo colors with the indigo step down.

Designed based on a military overcoat, the stand‐up collar that can store the hood has both design and functionality.
You can also enjoy the change of silhouette by squeezing the draw cord in the waist.
The gusseted pocket is also easy to use.
It is an outer that has both design and practicality by incorporating an oriental design like Kurta into a long coat.
It is a coat that you can enjoy beautiful "color" with a silhouette that has a moderate volume by opening the front alignment.