HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET compared the renewed summer staple items, summer corduroy shorts, with different sizes.
beach corduroy shorts" that can be worn as a basic accent for summer styling, which tends to be monotonous.

Height: 167 cm / Wearing size: M
T-SHIRT ¥ 25,300

"The shape hasn't changed that much, but the big change is that we reviewed the overall size balance and changed the waist of the back to rubber shirring. I'm not physically big, but M The size is a perfect fit. You can wear S size, Tops with a relaxed feeling, so M or L is my size considering the overall balance. "

"Since this year, the fabric has been changed to cotton polyester, which improves quick-drying and durability. So you can wear it comfortably even in the scorching season after the rainy season, and there are many repeaters! However, the position of the H embroidery is in the front pocket, and I have the impression that you are pleased with the casual minor changes. "

Height: 167 cm / Wearing size: L
T-SHIRT ¥ 7,150SHOES ¥ 19,250

"L size is more comfortable to wear. length is not originally long, so I think it is possible to style it without being too loose even if you increase it by one size. Cotton polyester has a faint taste. It is characterized by a textured texture, and the pattern with such a strong assertion is also familiar. It is definitely the first place to play the leading role of style in summer, so if you don't usually wear patterns, please try it. I want you to do it! "