KUON BORO series

Introducing new products from the brand "KUON", which is derived from the Japanese words "Kuon", "distant past or future" and "eternity".

A sweatshirt that is easy to use not only as an outerwear but also as an innerwear, with a slightly shorter length to balance the loose shoulder and width of the body.

By arranging the upcycle boro type 2 on the right sleeve, it expresses a "handshake" that symbolizes communication. It is a design that incorporates the desire for encounters and connections, and the desire to return to the state that was normal before the pandemic.

The Cardigans with a bold elbow patch has a BORO patch on the placket.


SOUTHERN MF CO. ・ Long sleeve T-shirts using dry touch heavy woven fabric made by USA has arrived from BLUE BLUE.

A collaboration between the USA-made heritage line and BLUE BLUE, which is a reproduction of the RUSSELL ATHLETIC sports line SOUTHERN MANUFACTURING CO. That existed in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Points is the college logo with a soaked print that you can enjoy aging.

The loose silhouette can be worn regardless of gender.

BLUE BLUE B patch baseball cap

Denim baseball caps with original B emblems are available from BLUE BLUE.

With the type of light denim that you can enjoy the aging of denim

We have prepared two types of cotton linen denim.

The three-dimensional B emblem is impressive.

The inside is decorated with original Selvedge rubber for a comfortable fit.

HENDER SCHEME leather shoes

Two types of discerning leather shoes have arrived from Hender Scheme.
This is "commando mule" which uses cow leather with wax in European raw leather for the upper.

When finishing, it is carefully polished to give it a glossy finish. The last is a gentle square toe with a low instep to improve the fit. Achieves smooth foot movement.

And "horn loafer smooth" using smooth cow leather that soaked oil and wax in the upper.

The leather lace that has been passed through the horn toggle is attached through the gaps in the hand stitch of the beef flor, which plays a major role in the design.

Both soles use vibram sponge soles, so you can enjoy the volume and the soles are light and have a good return.

Yonetomi x BLUE BLUE Wave Cotton Panel horizontal stripe Basque Sweater

Introducing the long-established knit maker "Yonetomi Textile" and BLUE BLUE Basque Sweater.
The horizontal stripe Basque shirt, which was born in the Basque Country that straddles France and Spain, is expressed with modern knit technology.

Uses original yarn that is strong against washing due to its texture surface and dry touch, and has a Material that can be worn all year round.

It is durable and firm, but it is also comfortable to wear with the elasticity peculiar to knitwear.

This is the new color "ROYAL BLUE" from this term.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN honnai Love Sashiko Series

Introducing the new honnai Love Sashiko series from BLUE BLUE JAPAN.

A women's jacket with a thin Material that is light to wear and has a generous width and sleeves for easy layering.

The white lining, piping and frog buttons accentuate the Material.

The vest has plenty of space in the armholes and is easy to layer. If you close all the buttons on the front, you can add an accent to the V zone as a jacket jacket.

Using cotton yarn dyed with natural indigo, the pattern woven like a sashiko on a dobby loom becomes a grain of uneven thickness by using white slab yarn and looks like Kasuri.


Studio Nicholson (STUDIO NICHOLSON) is a British fashion brand.
The designer is Nick Wakeman.

Studio Nicholson's collection is clean and minimal. Not only for boyish, but also for both just fit size and oversize, it has been reconstructed so that it does not become sloppy based on the original body shape of females.

In order to create the atmosphere and comfort that Nick wants, and to create the perfect shape, she uses the Material and luxurious fabrics of her own choice.


Introducing the new sweatshirt from HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET.

"Travel is a companion, the world is compassionate" I printed a message of Japanese proverbs that have been passed down since ancient times.

Here is a message around the heart.

It features mini fleece that is soft to the touch.

Simple sweat fabric are useful in a variety of situations, regardless of gender.

CHURCH BARBER sweatshirt

sweat fabric have arrived from the barber shop "CHURCH BARBER" in San Francisco.

"CHURCH BARBER" is a barber shop that opened on Octavia Street in San Francisco in 2015. Aiming to be a botanical barber, we use hair care products that do not pollute the environment.

Also, I am particular about water, and I go to Mt. Tam, which is 20 miles by car from San Francisco, once every two weeks to fetch natural water (Wild Water).

Both the front and back have a flock print (foam) print, so if you wear it for a long time and the print cracks, you will get a better atmosphere.
It is a souvenir item with an attractive back print designed to cherish nature.


New colors of KITCHE have arrived from 810S (Eight Tens).

The 810S is a product design that proposes the know-how of shoe making cultivated by MoonStar Company, a long-established shoe maker in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, as a daily tool.

"KITCHE" is a daily use of kitchen shoes used in kitchens and food factories. Uses a multi-stopper sole that sticks to the floor wet with oil or water and an easy-to-maintain upper Material.

It is a solid type that eliminates waste in every detail.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Nylon Nanameshimashibori

Introducing the new spring work "Nylon Nanameshimashibori Series" from BLUE BLUE JAPAN.
This is a coat with a loose silhouette that catches the wind. The lining of the sleeves and back uses a mesh Material for a silky and comfortable fit.

Each sax blue nylon Material is shibori by hand by a craftsman. Although it is a bold pattern, you can feel the softness of hand shibori.

Since the stripes are inserted diagonally, the squeezing distance is long and labor and skill are required. No single shibori pattern has the same line, and the thickness and spacing of the shibori are different.

The vest that makes use of the thin Material is used as an inner vest at the beginning of spring when the cold still remains, and as a haori from the top of the cut-and-sew from spring to early summer.

BLUE BLUE Brushed Back Indigo Utility Jogger Pants

BLUE BLUE 's popular item "Utility Jogger Pants" has been added with two INDIGO colors with brushed back.
The front side features denim-like indigo, and the back side features a sweat fabric-like brushed double-woven fabric.

A soft, brushed lining that resembles a sweat fabric with high heat retention.

The slender, clean silhouette creates a wide range of styling.

Furthermore, by wearing it, you can enjoy the secular change peculiar to indigo dyeing like jeans.

The fine detail that are packed with attention are also attractive.

The Lost denim

A limited number of original denim dead stocks have arrived.

From left: PP6 black denim flared jeans, PP8 black denim slim jeans, PP5XX black denim straight jeans

PS54 light denim western shirt.

The milky white snap fastener is attractive.

PS44 light denim 2-pocket work shirt.
It is the first place that has a lot of attention to detail in its simplicity, such as a generous size and the specifications of the strips on the cuffs.

BLUE BLUE JAPAN Fujito Sakura Photo Print T-shirts

T-shirts with the motif of Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms, which are the faces of BLUE BLUE JAPAN, have arrived this year as well.
This season, it is a bold T-shirts with a photo printed on the entire front surface by inkjet.

Inspired by the photo print T-shirts found in the vintage of the 70's. The vivid colors make it a Points to wear inside the jacket.

The print is only on the front and the back is plain.